Message of support to all ex-Hindu/Sikh Muslims

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A message of support from ex-Hindu Solace UK team member, Sister Nupur Bose…

Diwali: To all my ex-Hindu and ex-Sikh sisters and brothers

Today many of my friends and family will be celebrating Diwali – the religious Hindu festival of light. Everyone will get together and there will be prayers followed by food, gifts, laughter, decorating the house with candles and even a display of fireworks.

On this day when many of my loved ones will be celebrating the festival of light, I will be feeling an overwhelming sense of darkness.

Being an ex Hindu revert, today can sometimes be tough.

Growing up, the childhood memories created around this time seem like a lifetime ago. Today I will reflect back on them. A time of joy, belonging and probably the last time when I truly felt accepted by my own family. Now I am the odd one out.

Even though I might be around some Muslims; a Muslim friend, a Muslim husband, Muslim in laws, they will never truly understand the emotions I feel today. Many of them won’t even remember today is a difficult day for me. I am one of the fortunate ones, as I know there are many reverts out there who are completely isolated.

Allah guided me to Islam and that is something that I am forever grateful for, but I can’t help but feel some sadness today. I will give a thought or two to my misguided, younger self and the journey that has led me to this moment. I will probably spend a few moments longer in sajda and make duaa for my family,

“Ya Allah, You are An-Nur (The Light), Al-Muqallib (The Turner of People’s Hearts), guide them to the righteous path as you guided me. Ameen”

I will remember all the other reverts out there who might be experiencing something similar and it will help me feel less lonely.

We ask Allah to make today easy for all our ex-Hindu/Sikh brothers and sisters. May Allah grant you the strength to get through today and other days like it and the emaan to hold on tight to the rope of Allah. Ameen.

Please share with all your brothers and sisters.
Remember – support for reverts has to go way beyond the shahadah.

Many revert women struggle on their own after embracing Islam.

Your contributions keep them supported, and that support keeps them going.

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