Believing in Dreams

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Did you once have big dreams?

Did you once have dreams…. dreams of becoming a doctor, an author, or perhaps owning your own business?

Prior to practising Islam, many of us had dreams; yet as we began to practice we let go of our dreams. Some of us were told that it was “dunya-fied”– that to be a good Muslim woman meant to be a good mother and wife, only.  For many, it felt difficult trying to reconcile between being a good Muslim woman and being a big achiever; and so, like sand slipping through fingers, many dreams slowly seeped away.

We all know of at least one sister who dropped out of school-  a sister in her final year of University studying Medicine dropped out because she was told it was the righteous thing to do; another sister, on route to become a dentist gave up her dreams because it was the ‘Islamic’ thing to do.

Says who?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing solely on being a wife and a mother- undoubtedly, this holds a praiseworthy status in our religion- you should know that there is nothing wrong with having other aspirations.

We only need to look at the examples of the Mothers of the Believers ( the wives of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him) to realise this fact- Khadijah ,  was a successful businesswoman and Aisha( may Allaah be pleased with them both)  taught many great scholars.

Thankfully, it is never too late to begin working on your dreams.

If it has been a while since you dared to dream, you may feel uncertain and doubt your capabilities. Do I still have what it takes to succeed? Can I really do it? Am I not too old? Isn’t it too late for me? How will I find the time? How will I juggle it all? How will I afford it?

My dear sister, I want you to know this – nothing is impossible if you have belief.

Believe first and foremost in Allah and in His divine ability to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Believe in His ability to give you everything that you need to succeed. Believe that nothing is too great for Him. He is Al-Qaadir – the All Powerful, the Most Able.  He is not limited nor bound by what you or I think is achievable. He is the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth;  He says only to a thing “Be,” and it is. He is the One Who brought you here, and He is the One Who will take you where you need to be.

 Secondly, you need to believe in yourself.  Allah has made you, you– unique, gifted and special. And He has given you those dreams for a reason. I know, things may feel impossible, but when you believe in yourself, something almost magical happens- somehow things slowly slip into place.  When you believe in yourself and become more open to possibilities your mind begins to find ways to overcome things that felt like obstacles. If you are a mother who dreams of starting a business for example, you will begin to find ways to manage your time.  Similarly, if you have little money, suddenly you may realise that you do not necessarily have to have a lot of money to start a business.

So, if this is you– scared, doubtful or worried that you no longer have what it takes, know this- you are stronger and more resourceful than you realise. You have everything within you to succeed.  And more importantly, you have Allah in your corner, on your side. As long as you believe, there is absolutely nothing impossible for you to achieve.

Sister, did you once have big dreams? Believe. Go after them. It is never too late to start working on your dreams.


About the author:

Barakah Hassan is a Business consultant, writer, entrepreneur, and mother of four. She is passionate about empowering Muslim women to chase their dreams and start their dream businesses. You can learn more on her site,, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

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