The Silent Struggle: Time Management

By Crystal Daulton

Between housework, family, and job obligations, where do we find time to worship Allah? How do we complete our responsibilities in the dunya without compromising our place in Jannah? By what method do we gain time management? When in doubt we should always look at the way the prophet S.A.W. lived his life:

“In the Messenger (Muhammad) of Allah, you have a beautiful (pattern of conduct) and example for one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who Praises Allah much (often and deeply)” ( Qur’aan, surah 33:21)

Although the prophet Muhammad  faced ( peace and blessings be upon him) challenges such illiteracy and being an orphan, he still managed to spread the message of Islam and find balance in his personal life. How?

Upon waking the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) would make supplications and prepare for the Dawn prayer, Fajr, showing Allah gratitude; and showing us it is vitally important how we begin our day. Waking up early spending time with Allah praying and making dhikr ( remembrance ), we get a chance to connect with Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala :not only can we show him our appreciation for allowing us to wake up, but we also can talk to him about our concerns and ask Him for guidance to face the day.

Uban ibn Mislian reported that  the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, “Whoever among you wakes up secure in his property health in his body and he has food for the day it’s as if he was given the world.”( Sunan al Timidhi 2346)

Before leaving home to go about his business for the day, the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) made sure to greet his family. When looking at the morning routine of the beloved Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him), we don’t see him sleeping in or rushing throughout the morning. It is important in the morning to give Allah his due measure and acknowledge your family by saying good morning or giving salaams.

After his morning rituals the prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him) would spend time in the masjid where he would teach about Islam as well as address issues concerning the community. Although the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) was a leader, he would sit and break bread with common folks and remain accessible to those in need.

Are you a leader at your job or in your community? Do you make time to interact with team members? Do you have an open door policy? While our Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) was in a leadership position, he remained humble and inviting.

Just before noon the Prophet( peace and blessings be upon him)  was known to take a short nap after a productive morning of worship and business. I find this part of the Prophet’s ( peace and blessings be upon him) life particularly beneficial to our sisters that are stay at home mums. Running a household is a full time job and finding time to recharge can be hard or feel undeserved. It’s important to take time to care for yourself. Is it possible to put your small children down for a nap before Thuhr and catch yourself some rest at the same time? Even our Prophet( peace and blessings be upon him)  found time to rest, and his life is a perfect example of giving everything it’s due right- even his body and mind. As wives and mothers we often put our family responsibilities above taking care of ourselves – it is important that we take time to get the rest our bodies need.

Once the Adhan was called for Thuhr, the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) would arise from his nap, complete wudu’ and preform his prayer then travel back to the masjid and enjoy the company of his companions or visit the market place, often smiling as he strolled by.

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The feet of a servant will not touch the ground until he asked about his life and how he spent it; his knowledge and how he acted upon it; his wealth and how he acquired it and spent it and his body and how it was used.” [Tirmidhi]

As Muslims, the way we spend our time is important since it is one of the things that we will be held accountable for on the Day of Judgement. How are you spending your time? Can hours watching t.v. or scrolling social media be replaced with a simple exercise routine or increasing your knowledge of Islam?

In regards to the late afternoon prayer,  the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Whoever misses the Asr prayer, then it is as if he has been robbed of all his family and wealth”-Al Bukhari

I know firsthand it’s easy to get caught up in afternoon activities allowing for Asr to slip by, leaving ourselves spiritually bankrupt, AND robbing us of  the blessings of Asr. Don’t listen to the whispers of the Shaiytaan telling you that you’re too busy to make prayer or you will make the prayer up later or when you have time. Salaah should be made as close to time as possible; Asr in particular should be guarded closely.

At Maghrib time, the prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him) would lead the the congregation in prayer at the masjid, and usually around this time he wouldn’t give a lecture because of the time of day- understanding the human and social needs that all humans have. When he returned home he would have dinner and talk to his family before heading back to the mosque to pray the Isha prayer. The Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) would devote time in the evening to his wives and the rest of the evening was spent quietly supplicating and making additional prayers and of course sleep.

For some of us it is hard to separate our work and family life, and while work is important so is our family .We have to find a balance between our careers and family duties, just as the prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him)  did.

When we look at the Prophet’s ( peace and blessings be upon him) day, we see that although he had many roles and responsibilities within his family and society, he still used his time wisely and structured his days around his prayers and connecting with Allah- What are steps you can take today to manage your time more efficiently and keep your commitment to Allah subhananhu wa ta’ala ?

About the author:

Crystal Daulton attended the Los Angles Training Institute of Drug and Alcohol Counselling and is a registered drug and alcohol technician. A native of Pittsburgh Pa, Crystal is an aspiring writer who resides in Lancaster Ca. with her 6 children.

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