Letter From The CEO: March 2022

To the Solace Community:

Assalamu alaikum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I cannot believe a month has passed since I last wrote to you!

Knowing how quickly last month has passed, I am super aware of the importance of spending each second of this blessed month as best as I can. It’s about grabbing hold of as many opportunities as possible to earn the pleasure of the One to whom we are indebted for everything.

Opportunities – that summarises the journey of this dunya. We have no idea when our personal journey will come to an end. Living each day as though it might be our last is the best path toward our Creator. Living each day aiming to grab hold of opportunities of reward, hoping for His Mercy is what truly counts.

This last month has been super busy at Solace. The lead-up to Ramadan is one of the busiest times for most charities. For us at Solace, it’s a double busy time. Ramadan and Eid is a time that can feel extremely lonely and isolating for many reverts. Like many other charities, we do ask that the community donate to us, and we are also very busy ensuring reverts are supported at this time of the year.

We have a number of exciting events and support services during this month. But before I get to that, let’s look at what we’ve launched since my last letter to you:

1. Well, we kind of did a thing alhamdulillah. We launched a new branch of Solace in the North. I and another team member recently returned from Manchester having delivered a 3-day training for our new Support team. They have already begun to support revert sisters in the North alhamdulillah. After 3 cancelled trains, I arrived back in London at midnight – shattered but so happy that with your support and donations, we have been able to expand nationally. Alhamdulillah.

2. We held a truly informative webinar in collaboration with IFG where we launched our new Will Writing Service for revert sisters so that they are buried in accordance with their faith.

What do we have planned this month? Well…

1. Ramadan Revert Support Sessions – all from the comfort of one’s home. Revert sisters who are alone can join the Solace team online at iftar time. We get to eat and share with each other! solaceuk.org/ramadansessions

2. 30 Days with 30 Names – join us as connect with Allah through reflecting on His Beautiful Names. You’ll get daily audios, reflections and a workbook! solaceuk.org/30names

3. Race Towards Good: Ramadan Revert Support Challenge – where you can choose 1 of 4 sadaqa jariah projects to fundraise for this Ramadan. solaceuk.org/racetogood

4. An iftar event in London exclusively for revert sisters who are alone. And alhamdulillah it’s free!

5. An iftar event in Manchester where we’ll officially be launching the new branch of Solace in the North.

6. An Eid event for revert sisters and their children.

7. A live online appeal on one of the odd nights of Ramadan – we can’t wait to see you there inshaAllah!

8. And of course our 1:1 Support service which is alhamdulillah, 11 years strong, will continue to support revert sisters worldwide.

As you can see, yes, we’re very busy. And, we’re so so tired. And yes, our hearts are very full.

As many of the team at Solace will say, Solace is our Solace. We love what we do and we ask Allah to accept it from us. We ask Allah to bring Solace to all revert sisters in difficulty this month. And we ask Allah to reward all of you who make Solace possible.

May Allah accept your fasting and good deeds this month. May He turn to you in His Mercy. Ameen.

Ensure you’re signed up to our mailing list and keep an eye on our website and socials for all this and more.

Till my next writing, inshaAllah.

Your sister,

Aliyah Quadri (Umm Raiyaan)
Founder and CEO
Solace UK

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