We Walked With Her in London!

Sunday 9th October 2022 

Written by Madeha  

Solace’s ‘Walk With Her’ initiative presented itself to me, by the Qadr of Allah, through their email subscription. I had been wanting to take part in a fundraising project that would bring my family together for a greater good and Alhamdulilah, this initiative provided just the right opportunity. 

The Solace sisters had meticulously planned out the day, and that was evident in the well structured guides that were sent out beforehand, outlining the route, key contacts, advice and facts to keep us entertained along the route itself! In the weeks leading up to the event, the sisters were always sending out reminders and messages of encouragement to push each team towards their fundraising goal. The leader board was a great way to get us all into a competitive spirit to raise these vital funds for our revert sisters in difficulty.  

My family and I came together to form a team; we were made up of mums, aunties, sisters and cousins! It was such a beautiful way to bond as a family, for the sake and pleasure of Allah (swt), whilst thinking about our sisters in need. Our group leader was always on hand to encourage us during the walk, and with the youngest of our team being just five years old, mashaa’Allah, we all needed to keep spirits high to get through the 5 miles!  

For London teams, the event was hosted at the Olympic park – a beautiful location, even with the unprecedented enthusiastic football fans! During the walk I was frequently in awe of Allah’s creation: the turning of the leaves at autumn’s crisp touch, the flawless ripples marking the gentle breeze and the golden shards of light as Maghrib grew near. The transition to a new season always brings to light changes in our environment and the wondrous way Allah has created nature to revive and renew itself year on year without fail. Some changes are tricker to adapt to, but not impossible. Embracing Islam is a big change, but it does not have to be daunting or difficult, nor is it impossible. The support from the sisters at Solace ensures that revert sisters are supported through their journey into and within Islam.  

The walk was a rare and wonderful opportunity to connect with sisters from across London from varying backgrounds. I found myself walking beside different people throughout the duration of the walk, and striking up conversations with new sisters made the experience all the more fruitful and fulfilling. The company was what truly made the day; the sincere love and kindness that the Solace sisters expressed, striving for the pleasure of Allah, in aid of our revert sisters made the day truly special, and filtered down to even the youngest of us – There were children on scooters who offered to share their scooters with other young ones who seemed like they were struggling; and the day was littered with these small moment of pure kindness that stained an even bigger smile on my face throughout the day.  

As we neared the end of our walk, the orange ribbon and balloons were finally in sight! We crossed through the finishing line with “Alhamdulillaah”, cheers, smiles and a scurry to the nearest bench – the walk was complete! We came together to pray Asr on a collage of prayer mats, coats and grass, whispering dhikr and gratitude. Following prayer came lunch provided by Solace to satisfy our efforts, and then came the awards. This was a lovely way to commend everyone’s efforts and a sentimental token to mark the day.  

It was a poignant moment for a reason that was explored by sister Aliyah as she made concluding announcements. She spoke about how the support we provide our revert sisters does not and cannot end with the walk. Our legs may have been tired and we may have reached our target of 5 miles, but for some of our sisters their journey has just begun, and we must continue to Walk With Her.  

I am hugely appreciative to Solace for existing in the community; and for providing such a vital service. Their work must not go unnoticed and it is through events such as these that we can raise awareness of the support that is available for revert sisters struggling. 

The Solace “Walk With Her” was an open community fundraising event that took place in 3 locations around the UK- London, Solihull and Nottingham on Sunday 9th October 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to thank, after Allaah, all of our sponsors, supporters and walkers, without whom we could not have had such a successful event. If you’d like to take part in future community events and be informed about them, sign up for our newsletter from the homepage inshaaAllaah!

Many revert women struggle on their own after embracing Islam.

Your contributions keep them supported, and that support keeps them going.

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