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I’m a single mum, I have two kids – and they mean the world to me.

I’m a single mum; I have two kids – and they mean the world to me.

I’ve left my husband after years of him abusing me. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Physical, psychological, and even financial. I didn’t want my children to have a broken home, so I thought, ‘Bear with it for a little while; things will change. He will change.’

Things didn’t change.

I left with my children; it’s the only thing I’ve done that I’m proud of. But it’s just one thing after another. I’m tired.

My marriage took the life out of me, took my youth, took my years, took my passion and left me completely spent.

All of the abuse… it changed me. And it’s still ongoing.

I keep having flashbacks.

Things he’s said to me keep playing in my head; there’s no escape.

He has remarried.

He doesn’t provide for our children but he still calls, stops by… I try to be strong for my children but it’s torment.

When I hear his voice or see him, I remember…

I remember every. single. thing.

And it hits me all over again.

At least to get me by, so I can carry on.

I know it’s wrong. Wallahi, I feel guilty about it. But I just can’t stop myself. And now I’m crippled with debt. I have noone and I can’t speak to anyone even if I wanted to. They will judge me.

And I’m scared I’m going to lose my children.

I feel like a bad Muslim. I know Allah is angry with me.

I can’t go on like this anymore. I’m drowning.

I need help.

Most of the revert sisters who come to Solace for support have been, or are, victims of domestic abuse and violence.

Many hands are raised and many are saying to Allah:

“Help me, ya Allah.”
”Bring me relief, ya Allah.”
”Get me out of my situation, ya Allah.”

Amongst them, our revert sisters in difficulty.

When a revert sister comes to Solace for help, Solace assigns a support worker to provide tailored support, and the revert sister meets with the support worker every week (otherwise known as support sessions).

Solace is currently supporting 87 revert sisters weekly.

Please consider donating £10 monthly to allow us to continue supporting revert sisters in difficulty.


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