Finding Allah’s Presence: How Pregnancy and Motherhood Helped Me To Become Aware of Allah

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By Shuhani Shohid

The journey of pregnancy and motherhood has an extraordinary way of connecting us to Allah (SWT) in ways we may have never experienced before. It’s a journey of profound spiritual awakening, where every stage brings us closer to the Almighty, reassuring us of His divine care.

Pregnancy: A Gift from Allah

As I discovered my pregnancy, an overwhelming sense of gratitude washed over me. I couldn’t help but praise Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala – The Most Perfect, Most High) for the precious life growing within me, a gift from the Lord of the worlds. This knowledge, this hidden miracle, deepened my awareness of Allah’s divine plan for me. I knew Allah was preparing me for something great.

First Trimester: Nurtured by Allah’s Care

During the initial months, I felt Allah’s nurturing presence as I faced the feeling of sickness and exhaustion. There were moments where my physical weakness prevented me from having energy to do daily life activities. This was a reminder to me of Allah’s unlimited strength – Al-Qawwiy, the Most Powerful. In my vulnerability, I realised my profound dependence on Him. I realised how strong He is in holding up the whole world, how His strength is inexhaustible and not dependent on anything. I was able to understand Allah’s (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) power.

Certain changes that I was going through internally such as feeling exhausted, low moods, coupled with external changes in my sense of smell and taste meant that I realised something was happening. These challenges illuminated for me the boundless power of Allah ( subhanahu wa ta’ala) It made me reflect upon the invisible changes that I was experiencing and parallel to that Allah, “Al-Mussawir” – The Fashioner and Shaper- fashioning what is inside of me to perfection with such power that no human eye can see. 

I was reminded that it was Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala) alone who willed this baby to grow within me, and that it would do so by His strength alone, not mine. I embraced my own human weakness, recognizing my need for Allah’s strength and power.

Second Trimester: I started to appreciate Allah’s Subtle gifts upon me.

The gradual growth of my belly, the swift passage of days, and the subtle development of my strength and changes in my body—these were all reminders of Allah’s subtlety. He plans and paves the way for growth in the most beautiful, gradual manner. I realised that growing a baby inside takes time, it involves pain and we know the pain intensifies as we are getting close to seeing the baby and experiencing the joy. Similarly, in life, personal growth takes time, the pain and difficulties increase slowly; they get intense during the end of the trial. Things unfold slowly and eventually Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) allows us to experience ease and joy at the end of the hardship. 

Third and Fourth Trimester: Feeling gratitude that is beyond measure.

In the period leading up to the birth and my meeting of Allah’s gift to me, I start to feel the heaviness upon me, both physically and spiritually. The responsibility that comes with being a mother and this trust that I will now hold weighs me down. It’s when I am further reminded that this is the great plan of the Lord of the worlds that I am then reassured with ease, that He got me through this and he is truly by my side.

I am deeply indebted to Allah (Subhanahu wa ta ‘ala) for the joy my child brought amid life’s challenges. The milk produced in my body, the sustenance He had written for my child, the quiet moments with my baby during the early hours—all of these were precious gifts from Allah. He continually provided for me just as He provided for each and every one of His creation continuously, reinforcing my awareness of His boundless blessings upon me and everyone else.

Raising Young Children

As I raise my two children, I start to teach them about Allah’s attributes: His healing nature, His care, His power, and His might. I started to become acutely aware of my behaviour—my tone, speech, mood, and reactions to life’s challenges—all of which will serve as an example to my children.

Trusting in Allah’s Care

When I see my children grow and thrive despite my imperfections as a parent, I know it is Allah’s care and nurture that will ultimately allow them to grow. He provided for them when they were in the womb and He too will continue to provide for the rest of their life. He ensures their good health and well-being, even when I cannot ( despite the best of my intentions).

The journey of pregnancy and motherhood has been a remarkable path of spiritual growth and awareness. It continually reinforces our connection with Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), reminding us that He is the ultimate Provider, Nurturer, and Source of Strength and Security.

As we navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood, May we always be grateful for Allah’s unwavering presence, guidance and gifts. May our children grow to know and love Him in the way He ever so truly deserves. Ameen.

About the author:

Shuhani Shohid is a mother of two and a teacher by profession. Born and bred in South Wales, she is an aspiring writer, an active member of the community and co-founder of a faith, creative, community girls group called Roots in Newport.

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