Impact Report 2023

As we approach the upcoming Ramadan, we are reflecting on the collective impact we’ve made together in 2023.

🏠 In 2023, Solace constituted a team consisting of 20 women and 31 volunteers. Praise be to Allah, our team is experiencing a growing influx of individuals eager to contribute to our remarkable team of volunteers

🙌 Over the course of the year, we organised 2 fundraising challenges, engaging 110 fundraisers with hundreds of supporters. These initiatives included the Ramadan “Revert Support Challenge” and our annual “Charity Walk”, “Walk With Her,” held in January. Presently, our “Ramadan Revert Support Challenge” is underway and we invite you to join. 

✉️ A total of 994 support requests were received from revert women from 17 countries worldwide, averaging at three requests per day. 

With your invaluable support, time, and donations: 

🧕 We directly impacted 1328 revert women and children through our services and events. 

🗓 We organised 7 support events, comprising 6 in-person and 1 online event, benefiting 324 women and children. (£12,000). 

These events included a webinar on the Legal Power of Attorney, 2 Iftars, 2 Eid events in London and Manchester, as well as trips to Cambridge Mosque and Camber Sands Beach. 

🎉 3 new services were launched, expanding our total services to 16. Encompassing the Lasting Power of Attorney, What’s On, and Ask a Sheikh services. 

🍞 Revert women and their children were provided with necessities, including food, clothing, keeping them warm through winter. (£14,358). 

🛍 Additionally, 60 gifts were distributed on Eid, bringing joy to revert women and their families. (£3876). 

🏠 We provided financial assistance to help revert women stay protected and secure in their homes. (£28,783.00) 

👭 Emotional and spiritual support was extended globally through 1:1 support sessions across 17 countries, exceeding 1000 support sessions in the year. (£10,900) 

📚 We made an investment in the learning and education of revert women through courses, books, and educational materials. (£8,667) 

💸 Zakat donations were utilised to alleviate the debt burden of revert women, covering essential loans and bills, enabling a fresh start. (£131,744) 

👂 Support was provided to revert women facing domestic violence and mental health struggles. (£3476). 

💝 Care packages, including gifts, outings, and toys, were distributed, bringing relief and joy to burned-out mothers and their children. (£8027). 

📜 Assistance was extended in helping revert women write their Islamic wills, ensuring preparation for their passing and the care of their loved ones, (£680). 

💌 In 2023, we received over 4,375 donations from 29 countries. 

United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, France, Brunei, South Africa, United States, Spain, Singapore, Hungary, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands, Oman, Bahrain, Denmark, New Zealand, China, Kuwait, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Botswana, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Norway, Qatar, Luxembourg, Japan, Maldives, Pakistan, Ireland, Nigeria, Belgium, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Jordan, Mauritius. 

🧡 Together, we made a profound impact on revert women and their families, thanks to the collective efforts and generosity of our supporters worldwide. 

A message from one of the revert women we helped together: 

“Being a revert I face many problems with day-to-day life both spiritually and socially, but Solace came to my escape when I was at my lowest. They guided me in every way possible to make my life easier. And they made me more close to Allah by showing me the right path. Thank you soo much Solaces for all your help and support.” 

We truly wouldn’t be able to do this work without you. 

We ask Allah to reward you with much abundance and goodness in this life and the hereafter. 

Aliyah Quadri (Umm Raiyaan)
CEO and Founder
Solace UK

Many revert women struggle on their own after embracing Islam.

Your contributions keep them supported, and that support keeps them going.

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