New Year, New Hopes 

Iman was born and raised in London. She is a former teacher who taught English as a Foreign Language in Saudi Arabia for almost a decade. Iman loves reading, writing, travelling and learning about other cultures. 

In the glorious history of Islam, Al-Muharram became the first month of the Islamic calendar, signifying the beginning of the Islamic New Year. It marks the blessed Hijrah (emigration) that our dear Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace) and his companions made to the sacred city of Madinah, escaping the persecution of the non-believers in Makkah.

In the same way, the early Muslims had a fresh beginning to their lives after the hijrah, today, we can also have a brand new perspective on life, no matter our circumstances, issues or difficulties. This is emphasised further by how Al-Muharram is a sacred month in which good deeds are multiplied in reward.  

“… The year is twelve months, of which four are sacred: three consecutive months, Dhu al-Qa‘dah, Dhu al-Hijjah and Muharram, and Rajab”(al-Bukhari) 

We can reflect on the journey of the noble Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace) and his followers. The fresh new beginning they had and their previous struggles in Makkah. 

Pondering on the previous year and the year ahead is a valuable way in which we can enhance our lives by looking at the aspects we were able to achieve and others we may want to develop, all to become closer to Allah and do what pleases Him. 

What are the improvements that we are capable of making?

We can increase in worship – praying the five daily prayers on time, so that we give Allah His right over us. Moreover, praying the nafl (supererogatory) prayers if one can and making sincere du’a (supplication) at times of difficulty as well as ease. No matter what mistakes you and I may have made during the previous year, know that Allah is Ar-Rahman, The Gracious. Turn to Him, beg Him for all that you need and desire. Allah never turns away a sincere du’a during the special times that du’a is certain to be answered, such as when it is raining, in sujood (prostration during salah), when one is breaking the fast etc. 

“Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him (in supplication) He becomes shy to return them empty.” (Abu Dawoud)  

Here are some ways that we can make the most of the first month in the Islamic year: 

How about the relationship that we have with our loved ones

We can keep in contact with them, no matter what, even if they brush us off. We must still maintain contact in the hope that, one day, Allah will open their hearts, so never give up; keep trying. Calling them and messaging them from time to time may soften their hearts and help to re-establish relations. 

Charitable acts are a great resolution for the New Year

It does not have to be monetary. Not everyone has the means to make donations, but all of us can help others by assisting family, friends, colleagues and the elderly. Volunteering for charities, mosques and other organisations is meritorious. When done sincerely it is rewarded by Allah. 

Every good deed is charity. Verily, it is a good deed to meet your brother with a smiling face, and to pour what is left from your bucket into the vessel of your brother.” (Tirmidhi)  

Learning new skills and seeking knowledge

These days it is easy to find classes without leaving home. There are many online classes you can take, as well as traditional classes such as Qur’an and Islamic studies. Skills that help at work and in life are freely available.  

Journalling is an invaluable means of therapy and self-reflection

Try writing in a pretty notebook and write what you do daily, your hopes and feelings. Looking over what you have written over the months will give you an idea of where you are in life.  

Reading beneficial texts such as the Holy Qur’an and Islamic books is a notable way to soothe, nourish and heal the heart. They provide comfort and reassurance to the soul. Try contemplating upon the verses of the Qur’an for contentment or reading Islamic history – something that we can compare to our present lives. We can see similarities and how the ummah was able to overcome their difficulties especially when compared with the upsetting events happening in Gaza and other places. 

To conclude, the Islamic New Year is the perfect time to cultivate new habits, improve on existing ones and make a brand new start.  

Many revert women struggle on their own after embracing Islam.

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