Al-Musawwir | 30 Days with 30 Names

Day 27 | Al-Musawwir

Al-Musawwir, The Fashioner.

You are perfect, just as you are. Your face is perfect for you. Your unique characteristics are what make you, you. Allaah fashioned you uniquely.

If there is there a part of your body that you don’t like or that society pressures you to change, ponder over the fact that The Fashioner has chosen every single aspect of your look:

“Who created you, fashioned you, and perfected your design,”
(Quran, 82:7)

Allah has placed variations in colour, taste, texture, tone, size and a myriad of other things so that we can see and appreciate the beauty and diversity of His Creation, and every single one of us is part of that!

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