Revert Stories

Revert Stories

Find out what life is like for revert sisters, whose lives have been touched and forever changed through your donations.

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Her life changed for the better because she received help.

"The reason I reached out to Solace was mainly because of family issues, culture clash, and the decrease of iman. I felt like I was at it by myself and was holding on for dear life. The help has changed me. I was able to make a big step for myself and stand for what I want and deserve as a Muslimah by working on creating long-term goals, which is not easy for me."

You can change the lives of other women who need help by donating to Solace.

Empowering a revert sister through weekly support sessions

"As a revert surrounded by hardships and disbelief and not knowing how to deal with things in an Islamic manner, it felt really heavy on my shoulders. The support you give me is the biggest imaan boost; it makes me feel heard, listened to, that I matter; it doesn't just feel like any other therapy session I’ve attended..."

This is all because of your help. Donating to Solace helps women who struggle to find faith through adversity.

Revert sister rebuilds her life post-divorce with your help

"I'd emerged from a divorce which was not a straightforward marriage, and was slow to recover. I'd only just resolved the debt situation that happened during the marriage and the support helped calm me and helped me look at major issues and how to cope. I've really looked forward to each session."

Your donations save lives and ensure support continues for more revert women who need it. Donate today.

Revert sister overcomes loneliness and finds hope

"I was feeling very alone before the support. I feel that the support helped me to see my situation in a more objective light and to be able to take meaningful steps to make any situation better. You helped me get to a place where I could really act on what I knew in my heart to be right and to be hopeful."

In these blessed days, help other single revert sisters who are feeling alone and isolated.

She gained the strength and clarity she needed in her deen

"The support worker was understanding and non-judgmental towards my circumstances. She helped me appreciate my trau"I was lost with my deen. My support worker was terrific; she understood my struggle and had great empathy, motivation and knowledge, sharing information about my issues. I am now in a stronger position to feel more confident in knowing my religion and correct any misconceptions about my religion."ma from a compassionate and empathetic place. Looking at my life now compared to the start of my support, I am in a much better place..."

You can support and empower other revert women in their new religion by donating to Solace.

She Overcame Chronic Abuse And Chose Healing

"I was psychologically abused, controlled and manipulated for 20 years. Solace's help came quickly. With the support, I have become much better and well-equipped to face future challenging situations. I couldn't have made it to the other side without this support."

Your generosity helps revert women heal from abuse. By donating to Solace, you are supporting them weekly.

Revert Sister Overcomes Trauma Through Sponsored Weekly Sessions

"The support worker was understanding and non-judgmental towards my circumstances. She helped me appreciate my trauma from a compassionate and empathetic place. Looking at my life now compared to the start of my support, I am in a much better place..."

Make a difference to the lives of other revert women in need of support by donating to Solace.

This New Revert Sister Is Thriving In Her Religion

"I started speaking with Solace shortly after I reverted to Islam from Christianity. They provided me with emotional support as I overcame the challenges I had with my family and truly enabled me to live for myself and Allah (SWT) in my new religion. I am incredibly grateful for everything!"

In these blessed days, you can donate towards supporting other new reverts like Hannah.

From Homeless To Safe And Supported

"Thank you for all the support. It is so nice knowing you are always there when I need you. You have helped me a lot with my homeless situation. You supported me, were there for me in finding accommodation, and advised me on what to do. I saw so many Muslims coming together to help me. It was so overwhelming I cried."

Your donations keep them safe. Give towards supporting other revert women during these blessed days.

Single revert mother gets a fresh start with your help

"This support helped me start over in life. It was a lifesaver not only because of the resources I received, but because it also showed me the power of Allah to give me what I need through this beautiful organisation and the people who work here, and to see that even when I feel the loneliest, I am never alone."

In these blessed days, help other single revert mothers like Amanda by donating to Solace.

Support us so we can support them.

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