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Who is Shaykh Sulayman?

Shakyh Sulayman Van Ael converted to Islam at the age of 18. He then memorized the Qur'an in the desert of Sudan. He continued his studies of the Arabic language, Usul al fiqh, Mustalah hadeeth, with more than 50 different mashayikh in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Morocco, Belgium and Holland.

He then attended an intensive in Riyadh, where he received shahadat in Arabic, Usul Fiqh, Hanbali fiqh and Mustalah hadeeth.

From 2002 to 2009 Shaykh Sulayman studied in Jordan. He was appointed as a khadim in the Gufran mosque with the responsibility of delivering the jumuah khutbah, leading prayers and Taraweeh prayers. He completed his 14 qira'at (recitation styles of the Qur'an) and received permission to pass on the 14 qira'at, teach Arabic and pass on hadeeth and fiqh from several scholars.

Shaykh Sulayman received the permission from Shaykh Ashafi Mufti Abu Suwalikh of Jordan to give Islamic verdicts (fatawa).

He was a lecturer at Erasmus High School, and is currently the Muslim Chaplain at LSE and Imperial College and a lecturer at the accredited Rotterdam Islamic University, where he teaches comparative studies of religion and Usul al fiqh.

He has his bachelor in Theology and his Masters (theory) in Mental Health. Shaykh Sulayman is fluent in Arabic, English, French and Dutch.

How to contact Shaykh Sulayman

Solace UK is providing this much needed service for sisters. You now have the opportunity to ask your faith based questions to a Shaykh who understands the life of a revert (being a convert himself), has a background in Mental Health as well as the Islamic qualifications to give fatawa.

You can contact Shaykh Sulayman on:

Wednesdays 21:00 to 22:00pm UK time
Thursdays 10:00 to 11:00am UK time

Telephone number: 07508 178 134

Calls are taken on a first come basis. We ask that you write down your question in bullet form format prior to calling so as to be specific with your question. This is to allow for as many calls to be taken as possible; the Shaykh has a general guideline of 15 minutes per caller.