• Oct 12th '20

    How Is My Duaa Possible…?

    By Romina Afghan "How?" is a common question that springs to mind when we think of asking Allah for something that we really want, and many times this question hides a shadow that lurks upon our hearts; a shadow of doubt and incredulity about whether...

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  • Oct 5th '20

    Three Lessons From The Qur’aan

    By Zaynab Dawood Allah, in His Wisdom and Knowledge, informs us that the holy Quran is a Book of Guidance.  This unique truth is delivered to us in the very beginning of the Quran, before we are gently ushered into the beautiful gems of guidance...

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  • Oct 3rd '20

    Three Lessons To Survive A Social Fitnah

    By Asma  Nemati When we talk about lessons learned from anything in life, each one of us brings a unique perspective. Allah Most High has created us in our own special ways. No two souls are alike. No two opinions are the same. They might have ...

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  • Sep 18th '20

    Three Lessons From Being A Mother

    By Hanaa Ibtes Alhamdulilah, by the grace of Allah, I was blessed with a beautiful boy in May 2016, and then later a beautiful girl in June 2018. The journey has unexpectedly taught me so much about the  person I am now, the person I was before...

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  • Jul 31st '20


    As-salaamu alaykum and Eid Mubarak to you and your families from all of your Solace family. May  Allaah accept all of your efforts over the past ten blessed days and may your Eid be filled with the remembrance of Allaah's favours and  gratitude...

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  • Jul 30th '20


    By Romina Afghan and Maryam Akram The Day of Arafah is here! The best day of the entire year - alhamdulillaah we have been given life and the blessing to be able to see this day when so many others have passed, and when so many others are heedless o...

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  • Jul 9th '20

    3 Lessons I Learnt From Wearing The Hijab

    By Aliya Vaughan I used to think hijab oppressed Muslim women to benefit men, only to discover it was in fact, a fallacy that is used specifically to undermine Muslim women and discredit Islam. I later learned hijab is not a form of female subordina...

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  • Jul 2nd '20

    Corona: Coping With Anxiety

    By Asmaa Umm Mikaal In the name of Allah, Most merciful, Most compassionate “Indeed, man was created anxious, When evil touches him, (he is) impatient And, when good touches him, (he) witholds it; Except those who observe the prayer” Quran 70:1...

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  • Jun 20th '20

    Corona: There Is No Such Thing As Loss….

    By Romina Afghan We are living through a unique moment in history. A moment where the things we had taken for granted suddenly seem fragile and the regular routines of normality have become a distant dream of the past; where we mourn the loss of all...

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  • Jun 4th '20

    Quarantine and The Value of Time.

    By Zaynab Dawood Quarantine as a word has never been in my dictionary.  I never used it or thought about it.  But, like most people on the planet, it is all I think about now.  The reason for this is simply because I have the time to think about ...

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