• Jul 15th '19

    Connecting To The Divine: Al-Wadood-The Loving

    By Calisha Bennet When you think of Allah SWT, do you think of Him in terms of His Might and Power, His anger and His threat of punishment? Do you think of Him in His eternal vastness, unlimited knowledge and magnificent power? Or do you think of ...

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  • Jul 8th '19

    Connecting To The Divine: Al-Muhaymin, The Protector

    By Aliya Vaughan When I first embraced Islam I was studying for my master’s degree. My accommodation was just a short walk to the university which was very convenient for me. However, one night I needed to work late as I was working to a deadlin...

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  • Jul 1st '19

    Connecting To The Divine: Finding Peace with As-Salaam

    By Aya Zaki When the waves get high, dive deep. And when the storm hits, take shelter. I once took a diving course and the feeling of being underwater was like going into another world, a quiet one, where you’re just flowing and contemplating the...

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  • Jun 10th '19

    There Is Only One Light – An-Noor

    By Zaynab Dawood   Some non-Muslims are curious about the names of Allah and perhaps overwhelmed by the sheer number of Names and Attributes, especially when these ninety-names are juxtaposed with the complete and coherent monotheism that ...

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  • May 30th '19

    7 Ways to an Enriching 10 Days

    By Calisha Bennet The blessed 10 days of worship are here once again as believers worldwide strive to catch the Night of Decree and it’s immense reward! Some feel great joy at it’s arrival. Others feel excitement. Some experience apprehension ...

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  • May 27th '19

    Dear Ramadan, I Want To Love You…

    By Romina Afghan Dear Ramadan, I have waited so long for you to come, I had made so many plans and had so many expectations of our time together. I have had so many conversations with others about how to make the most of my time with you. And n...

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