• May 24th '19

    Support 3 specific revert sisters in difficulty!

    83 year old Susan's story This is a request for help in order that I may see my husband who has Alzheimer's, which means his brain is shutting down, and I feel I have not got long before he is lost to me forever. At 83 years old, I am not menta...

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  • May 23rd '19

    Choose Me…

    By Romina Afghan I want so badly for you to choose me, Yaa Rabbee-  I want to be special to You. I want to stand out amongst the billions of Your worshippers and millions of Your beloved. I want to be the shining star, the glowing light, the h...

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  • May 20th '19

    Ramadan- A First Encounter

    By Traci Wells   Being a Muslim for nearly two years has been a life altering, spiritual, soul searching experience. I have felt an awakening in so many ways. I have learnt so much about the world and myself at a time of my life when I ...

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  • May 13th '19

    Letters to My Beloved This Ramadan

    By Romina Afghan To my teenage daughters, you are on the cusp of momentous occasions in your life, and as you step forward with all the promise and hope of a bird about to fly for the first time, know that without Allaah to carry the air benea...

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  • May 6th '19

    Ramadan Is Coming….

    By Zaynab Dawood As a child I perched beside the window and gazed at the sky. Strips of orange stretched far beyond what my little eyes could see; streaks of azure clustered around the vanishing clouds. Whispers of a hidden silver moon floated abo...

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  • May 3rd '19

    Can I Be Worthy Of The Quran?

    By Romina Afghan   Sometimes I want so badly to just be there already. That place where the Quraan is embedded in my heart, where it is shrouded in the love of Allaah and nurtured upon the magnificent and unmatchable words of The Creator....

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  • May 3rd '19

    7 Steps to Reboot this Ramadan

    By Calisha Bennet Amr Bin Kays رحمه الله has said: “Blessed is he; how excellent is he, the one who rectifies himself before the (blessed) month of Ramadan"[Lat'ta-if al-Ma'arif, p. 138] What could we have done better last Ramadan? W...

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  • May 2nd '19

    3-2-1 Ramadan GO-als!

    3 Top Tips To Jump Start Your Ramadan By Shalisha Smith Ramadan, the best month of the year! Every year this blessed month arrives, some of us enter it in a panic, followed by the overwhelm at the long hours of fasting and short hours of sleeping...

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  • Apr 29th '19

    The Blessings of Homelessness

    By Aliya Vaughan  "...But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not" Quran 2:216 "The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life" A....

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