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Trustee (UK)

Job Description: Trustee
Official Job Title: Trustee
Department: Board of Trustees

We are looking for a Trustee from the Youth Sector to join our team.


• Experience with the youth sector
• Awareness of issues affecting young reverts
• Experience developing and delivering services to young adults which promote inclusion, equal opportunities, and diversity

Essential Skills

• Ability to understand and accept the duties and liabilities of being a Charity Trustee
• Empathy with the vision, mission and aims of the Solace UK
• A willingness and ability to devote the necessary time and effort

• Ability to think and apply knowledge strategically
• Ability to think creatively
• Ability to keep mission-focused
• Ability to analyse and evaluate management information and other evidence
• Willingness to listen and learn

Communication and Team Working:
• Ability to communicate clearly and sensitively and to take an active part
in discussions
• Ability to influence and engage
• Ability to work effectively in a group
• Willing to express their own opinion in a reasoned way, while also listening to the views of others
• Ability to challenge constructively and ask questions appropriately

• Ability to exercise sound and independent judgement
• Willingness to make and stand by collective decisions, including those which may be unpopular
• Ability to manage difficult and/or challenging situations
• Ability to maintain confidentiality on confidential and/or sensitive information

Prepared By: Board of Trustees

Latest Revision: September 2021

How To Apply: Complete the application form at by 30th November 2021.

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