Case Studies

Case Studies

Solace, a registered charity, has been dedicated to assisting revert women in challenging situations and supporting new Muslim women beyond the shahadah for over a decade and our impact is vividly illustrated through compelling case studies of our service users. These narratives provide a deeper understanding of how Solace has positively influenced and transformed the lives of those we have had the privilege to support.

Read some of our case studies below:

Sister A, aged 26 is a white English revert since 2018.

Key issues Isolation, doubt, not feeling wanted within the Muslim community.

How Solace supported her: Sister A left her job because she started to wear the hijab and the change in her colleagues’ attitude made it a miserable and unsafe environment to work in. She fell into debt after not being able to pay her rent and bills. She couldn’t turn to her parents as they blamed her religion for all her problems, and she didn’t know anyone in the community who could help her. This had a negative impact on her eemaan causing her to doubt her faith.

Sister A contacted Solace to reconnect with Allah and her faith and put her in touch with a Muslim sisters revert group in her area. She applied for financial support to pay off her debt and with 1:1 support she set a goal to find herself a job. She now works part time in a job she loves. She was grateful to Solace who helped her turn her life around.

Sister B aged 31 is an ex-Sikh revert who embraced Islam in 2010.

Key issues: Divorced after a six-year abusive marriage and fight in the courts to win custody of her two children.

How Solace supported her: Through 1:1 support and psychotherapy sessions sister B began the journey of healing and recovery from the traumatic stress caused by her ex-husband’s emotional abuse. With compassionate guidance and support her support worker and counsellor helped sister B overcome feelings of self-blame and guilt and gradually repair the damage to her self-esteem. With reliance upon Allah and a regular prayer schedule, Sister B was able to rebuild her life again and look more positively towards the future with her children.


Sister C aged 66 is a divorced revert of Caribbean heritage who embraced Islam in 2002.

Key issues: ill health, low eemaan and feeling isolated.

How Solace supported her: Sister C applied to the Will Writing Service after being hospitalised due to an injury sustained from a fall. Sister C realised she needed to ensure she had an Islamic legally binding document for distributing her estate to her family after she passed away. When she returned home from the hospital her family were able to take care of her but because they weren’t Muslim, she felt depressed and spiritually low. She knew a couple of sisters in her area but one moved away and the other one worked and was busy with her family and looked after her elderly mother. Sister C strengthened her eemaan through Solace 1:1 support sessions and gained a more positive outlook in life. She attended a Solace iftar event and re-connected with the wider Muslim sister community again.

Sister D aged 24 is an Irish, ex Catholic revert who embraced Islam in 2019.

Key issues: needed a wali to get married to a brother she met once she graduated from university.

How Solace supported her: Sister D applied to the Solace Marriage Service to learn about marriage from an Islamic perspective by taking part in an online module-based course delivered by experienced facilitators. She also received support from the Wali Panel who conducted initial meetings with Sister D and her potential spouse and carried out references and relevant background checks. She also received support from Solace to plan their Nikkah and Walima.

Sister D is now happily married and is expecting their first baby any time now.

Sister W, aged 46 is a revert from Luton who embraced islam in 2010.

Key Issues: Loneliness, Homelessness

How Solace supported her: Sister W had divorced from her abusive ex-husband who had also taken her children and denied her access. She was spending time and money that she didn’t have going back and forth to court and dealing with social workers to fight for access to her children.

Whilst this was going on, she found herself isolated from her family who didn’t agree with her choice to become Muslim. She was also experiencing financial difficulty and was facing eviction from her Landlord.

This left sister W anxious and overwhelmed and with low eman, feeling like she had no one to turn to.

In the 1-2-1 emotional support sessions, sister W worked on developing her confidence and self-esteem. Through this she was able to begin making plans for her future and focus on achieving her personal development goals. She began regularly attending Islamic events and visiting the masjid to reduce her isolation, stating that “my imaan is stronger and I also feel better about myself.”

After the council closed her homelessness case, meaning she would soon be in the street, Solace was able to support Sister W into a flat via a referral to an accommodation provider and supporting her with transport.

Sister W is now happily settling into her lovely new home and looking forward to welcoming her children there one day soon.

Sister H, age 30, is a revert from Durham wh embraced islam in 2022.

Key Issues: Brother delaying marriage, toxic family relationships

After meeting a brother online and eventually deciding they wanted to marry, a few years later, sister H found herself still with no Nikkah and having constant arguments with the brother.

This was causing tension with her family, who would welcome him into the home, but then insult him behind his back.

Sister H accessed support from the Wali Panel via the Solace in Marriage service. Through mediation sessions and weekly meetings, the Panel supported both the sister and brother to identify areas for their own development and the red flags and issues in their communication. Sister H was encouraged to engage in more self-development and began attending counselling. When it became clear that the brother was still delaying the marriage and effectively using her as a placeholder with no real care or concern for her feelings, the Wali Panel was able to help her focus on her relationship with Allah, valuing herself and putting boundaries in place for her protection.

With this support, Sister H found the strength to walk away from a toxic situation and focus on herself and growing in her Deen.

Sister J, aged 44 is a revert form Leicester who embraced islam in 2014.

Key Issues: Debt, anxiety.

How Solace supported her: Following the breakdown of an abusive marriage that left her with physical and mental health issues, sister J reverted after an encounter with a Muslim charity worker and being moved by her beautiful conduct and support.

Sister J’s ex-husband had left her with significant debt, resulting in a barrage of letters and calls from debt collectors which caused her overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Struggling and feeling isolated, she contacted Solace seeking emotional support, and was told that financial support could be offered too.

The support from Solace enabled sister J to better manage her debt, giving her more time to focus on her children. Solace support also helped Sister J feel less isolated and she started attending online talks and gatherings to boost her iman and increase her knowledge.

Solace was able to support Sister J through one of the most challenging periods of her life when she could have easily given up. As she so beautifully states, “Allah guides us all and in my isolation steered me to Solace. Alhamdulillah”.

Sister S, aged 23, is a revert from London who embraced islam in 2022.

Key Issues: Conflict with family, loneliness

How Solace supported her:

Sister S was raised in a Christian household that was hostile towards Islam and reverted after falling in love with Islam through discussions with a Muslim colleague.

Sister S was fearful of backlash from her family and community and so did not tell her parents or many of her friends.

Struggling with practicing the Deen at home, due to concern about her parents’ reaction, Sister S was feeling lonely and distant from a community.

Through support from Solace, Sister S began to feel more conformable and confident and developed a strategy for when she was ready to break the news to her family.


Sister S was keen to be more engaged with the Muslim community and continue to gain knowledge of the Islam. From looking for retreats and classes to attend and making resources to help her memorise the prayer, support enabled Sister S to grow in confidence and focus on her achieving her goals, building her connection with Allah and begin telling her friends that she is Muslim.

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"I feel Solace is the only organisation that caters for reverts only that can reach out to sisters nationwide. It has a great marketing, direct email services and reminders sent by text message which are very useful and personal. This way we feel the care."

Nuran H.

"I’ve received debt relief which has relieved a huge burden. The support I’ve received is truly getting me through a dark period of my life."

Haneefah E.

"I am more confident and have more understanding about marriage, I'm also looking forward to marriage more, and it has helped my relationship with Allah."

Amirah C.

"I wish I had known about Solace sooner as there is a lot of help and events that connect sisters which I really liked."


"Due to very difficult circumstances I fell into debt and felt I couldn't cope. Solace cleared all the main debts for me. It's made a huge impact."


"It’s a beautiful service to be available for revert sisters in need of reassurance and in need of someone to turn to with knowledge. "


"The Ask a Sheikh service provided me with invaluable and reassuring guidance. The response was not only helpful and clear but also timely, allowing me to make a decision with a peaceful mind. I appreciate the support and expertise that made a significant difference in my decision-making process."

Abby L.

"The 1:1 support service helped me develop my self-esteem and gain a lot of clarity on how I see myself as a Muslim woman."


"I feel that the one-to-one support has really helped me through the positive reminders and goal oriented support."

Stephanie M.

"The support helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I needed it the most."


Many revert women struggle on their own after embracing Islam.

Your contributions keep them supported, and that support keeps them going.

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