• Nov 11th '18

    Belief in a Faithless World

    Autumn is truly a beautiful place in England, alhumdulillaah. But Autumn is a façade for the demise of everything deciduous and fruitful. I look beyond the shrivelling trees and the goldening foliage and I see something sinister. Decaying and wither...

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  • Nov 7th '18

    Message of support to all ex-Hindu/Sikh Muslims

    A message of support from ex-Hindu Solace UK team member, Sister Nupur Bose... Diwali: To all my ex-Hindu and ex-Sikh sisters and brothers Today many of my friends and family will be celebrating Diwali - the religious Hindu festival of ligh...

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  • May 24th '18

    Ramadan Iftar 2018 Auction!

    Auction item 1 - Gift basket  A basket of goodies perfect for giving as Eid gifts and decorating your home for Eid day! Includes: A gift voucher for a 1 hour treatment with Tranquility Therapy, established to make complementary...

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  • May 21st '18


    Have you noticed how so many of the Duaas we have from the Qur'aan and from the sayings of our Prophet Muhammad sallAlaahu alayhi wa sallam, begin with Allaah's Name, " Ar- Rabb" or "Rabbanaa" ( our Rabb ) or "Rabbee" ( 'my Rabb' )?  W...

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  • Feb 6th '18

    Lonely but not alone

    By Romina Afghan If you're lonely, then you're not alone.  How ironic. There are scores of people feeling lonely, isolated and alone right now.  It seems that as the ways we can connect increase and multiply, the real connections we have actu...

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  • Dec 13th '17

    Why are reverts leaving Islam?

    “I don’t know if you can help me; I don’t even know where to start. My life is a mess. I’ve been a Muslim for 5 years and each Ramadan instead of increasing in my emaan, I question whether I can continue living as a Muslim. The loneliness I h...

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  • Dec 13th '17

    Ramadhan tips for reverts

    "What makes a revert's approach to Ramadan any different than any other Muslim? After all, Ramadan is an act of worship obligatory for us all: "O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may (le...

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