• Jan 19th '19

    How To Renew With Balance…When Life Takes Over

    By Chelsea Lynn We go through many different stages in life, each contributing to the person we become. Life-altering changes are valuable lessons, but they can also be hard to navigate. We become overwhelmed by the new unknown, losing pieces of o...

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  • Jan 17th '19

    Opportunities For Renewal

    By Fatima-Minna Prior to the birth of my second child I felt a strong desire to have a ‘spring clean’ of my house, otherwise known as the nesting instinct! I sorted through every cupboard and drawer, discarding things that were no longer usefu...

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  • Jan 14th '19

    Renewal through Love, Surrender and Forgiveness

    By Abigail Maryam “Each new chapter of our lives requests an old part of us to fall and a new part of us to rise.”~ Jenna Galbut The sun was setting in Istanbul. While atop Çamlıca Hill with a dear friend, watching the orange-yellow rays sett...

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  • Jan 7th '19

    Renewing Your Relationship With The Qur’aan

    By Jessica Deqamsseh The faithful continue taraweeh as I exit through the stairwell. A huddled mass of mother and child converge where the light recedes, a blurry confection of step and floor. The woman gently weeps, engrossed in her solitude. My ...

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  • Dec 31st '18

    Turtles On The Path

    By Romina Afghan “The path to Allaah is long and we pass along it like turtles. The goal is not that we arrive to the end of the path. Rather, the goal is that we die while we are on the (straight) path” (Shaykh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen al-Alba...

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  • Dec 29th '18

    Renewal With The New Year

    By Asma Nemati While I wash dishes every morning, after the rush of sending kids and husband off to the world, I enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Amman. I live on the third floor of a sandy brown apartment building located on the hills of Amm...

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  • Dec 27th '18

    4 Essential Ways to Stop Slacking

    By Shalisha Smith Remember that feeling you felt when you first acknowledged your belief in Islam, uttering the words, Laa Illaha ill Allah, Muhammad ar’rasulAllah? That feeling of excitement about the new life you were about to embark upon? ...

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  • Dec 19th '18

    7 Lessons From My Journey To Belief

    By Saoirse Fitzgibbon  When I was four, the girl next door told me thunder was ‘God moving His furniture’. When I asked my mum about God, I got vagaries about light and energy and an acknowledgement that she didn’t know. My parents were ‘...

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  • Dec 17th '18

    Coming Home to Belief

    By Abigail Maryam Throughout our lives, we hear all kinds of religious beliefs from well-meaning people. While the diversity of opinions can be a good thing, sincere truth-seekers may feel overwhelmed and wonder how to filter all their information...

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  • Dec 14th '18

    Calls From The Dark Side

    By Zara Aboubakar I recently came across a short video published online by a popular meditation app which discussed ‘dark thoughts.’ It explored an involuntary phenomenon it described as ‘the dark side of the mind’; a place wherein we enco...

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