• Mar 2nd '19

    The Silent Struggle: Time Management

    By Crystal Daulton Between housework, family, and job obligations, where do we find time to worship Allah? How do we complete our responsibilities in the dunya without compromising our place in Jannah? By what method do we gain time management? Wh...

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  • Mar 1st '19

    The Silent Struggle: My Struggle To Belong

    By Traci Wells-Ali Belonging is our natural human instinct. I have watched both my children be fully dependent on me to give them what they need, when they need it- their natural instinct as a species to rely on another human being to help them...

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  • Feb 28th '19

    The Silent Struggle: Living with PCOS

    By Chelsea Lynn PCOS, which stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a common disorder that effects 10-20% of women. Because it characterized by an excess of male hormones, it comes with a myriad of symptoms, like weight gain, weight loss resistan...

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  • Feb 27th '19

    A Silent Struggle: Who Cares?

    By Sheena Hussain Who  Cares? I do, I Care! Alhamdulillah, and it is one of the most rewarding things we can do during our life time. Allah, the Most High teaches us that to care for the elderly and sick is one of the greatest acts dearest ...

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  • Feb 25th '19

    My Silent Struggle: Infertility

    By Mallikah b. Murray   My silent struggle with infertility has consumed me in unnecessary feelings of shame and inadequacy since struggling with my menstrual health as a teenager. I know intellectually infertility is nothing to be ashamed...

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  • Feb 24th '19

    The Silent Struggle… Of A Modern-Day Mum

    By Aliya Vaughn When I stand on the Day of Judgement, I know Allah is not going to ask me why I didn’t clinch that deal, get that promotion or reach that six-figure salary. Yet before becoming a mum, this is what I strove to achieve, as we are n...

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  • Feb 21st '19

    The Silent Struggle: My Struggle To Accept Fate

      To tie my camel…my silent struggle to accept fate By Zaynab Dawood Some struggles are too obvious to hide and others are the type that we have no choice but to conceal under our smiles or disguise under the monotonous fabric of our live...

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  • Feb 18th '19

    The Silent Struggle: Self Doubt

    By Calisha Bennet Many a time throughout my life have I had a desire to do, create or pursue something beneficial or amazing yet I would find myself seeking encouragement and approval from others close to me before deciding that I was capable enou...

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  • Feb 16th '19

    Why Do People Leave?

    By Abigail Maryam He abruptly ended the call. A long and heart-wrenching silence ensued on his part. The seat that was meant for him at my graduation ceremony was empty, and our marital dream never became a reality. Without words, all was over bet...

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