• Dec 12th '18

    The Battle of Belief vs. The Grey Cloud

    By Hadil Arman Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem Anxiety has no barrier. Anxiety has no shame. Situations, whatever they may be, can be a powerful tool for the internal battle some of us face. They play for us or against us. They put us down or r...

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  • Dec 11th '18

    Xmas and New Year Survival Guide for Reverts

    This time of year can be a very difficult time for reverts, regardless of whether they have been Muslim for 1 week or 15 years! We at Solace acknowledge and understand that at this time of the year, many sisters feel lonely and experience a deep sen...

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  • Dec 11th '18

    Nurture Your Belief

    By Fatima- Minna Reflecting on how belief found its way into my heart all those years ago, I realised it must have been precipitated by a willingness to believe. Prior to finding Islam, I suspected there was a God, but had no clear path to incorpo...

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  • Dec 9th '18

    Belief and Beyond…

    By Asma Nemati There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger. You have just taken the shahada. A million and one thoughts are rushing through your mind. There are doubts and misgivings but there are also many, many convictions which lead...

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  • Dec 6th '18

    The Only One Who Can Heal You

    By Chelsea Lynn The First Step to Heal... Life is full of tests, as Allah (swt) promises us in Surah Al-Baqarah when He says: “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but giv...

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  • Dec 2nd '18

    From Darkness Into Light

    A Journey Through Alcoholism and Abuse, to Islam and Peace By Crystal Daulton As an adopted child, I always felt a longing for love. In school I felt like an outcast. I lived in a tough neighbourhood and was attracted to the lifestyle of the st...

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  • Nov 25th '18

    Drawing Strength From Belief

    How to use belief to promote a positive outlook on life even when things are difficult Belief and faith are individual to everyone, and where we are in our journeys to being better Muslims is different for all of us. Belief is not just about how y...

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  • Nov 23rd '18

    Believe…You’re Never Alone

    Many of us live a life consumed by loneliness,  and even when surrounded by family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, we just can’t shake the feeling that we are alone. It is a welcome revelation, and huge relief then, to realise that when we ...

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  • Nov 16th '18

    Believing in Dreams

    Did you once have big dreams? Did you once have dreams…. dreams of becoming a doctor, an author, or perhaps owning your own business? Prior to practising Islam, many of us had dreams; yet as we began to practice we let go of our dreams. Som...

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