• Apr 13th '20

    Growth In The Time of Corona

    By Sadeemka It was just days after Boris Johnson’s decision that we in the UK would not close schools or isolate ourselves due to the spread of coronavirus. I sat at home scrolling through social media and could not believe the panic I was witnessi...

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  • Mar 16th '20

    Protecting My Relationships

    By Zaynab Dawood As Muslims we are always concerned with protecting our deeds, making sure they are not accompanied with unpleasant ones; and as individuals we are concerned with protecting each other from harm. Immediately we respond to this notion...

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  • Mar 13th '20

    Protecting My Integrity In The Workplace

    I never really saw myself as a working mother, but when my children were 5 and 2, it felt like the right time to reconnect with that side of my life. After many interviews I finally got offered a good job, just a short commute from home. I had many f...

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  • Mar 2nd '20

    Protecting My Inner Child

    By Umm Zachariyyah I see a pink flower at four years old; my favourite in my mum's garden. So many small, tiny pink flowers making up one huge one. I loved it. I used to look at it, touch it, smell it. My mum always let me pick as many as I wanted. ...

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  • Feb 24th '20

    Protecting My Identity: KNOWING WHO I AM

    By Aliya Vaughan As humans, we are all united under the banner of humanity. That is our identity as a human race. Within that, we have multiple identities in terms of race, ethnicity, class, religion, etc. And in terms of religious identity, Muslims...

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  • Feb 17th '20

    Protecting ….My Sanity: 4 Life-Long Lessons

    By Sadeemka Recently, I have begun to wonder what it is in my personal life that I feel needs protecting the most. Instinctively, as a mother and wife, I am always drawn to the thought of protecting my family: Protecting my loved ones by creating a ...

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  • Jan 31st '20

    Alignment, Purpose and Learning To Love Your Body

    By Romina Afghan The Muslim female body  is one of those things that many people talk about on many different levels - there is the non-Muslim political discourse about which parts of the body we, as Muslim women, should be allowed to cover in soci...

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  • Jan 17th '20

    The Muslimah I Am Today: Seeing The Bigger Picture

    The Muslimah I am today – Seeing the Bigger Picture By Fatima-Minna When we talk about the concept of unity in Islam, we often talk about it in relation to the oneness of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, and our understanding of Him as entirely self-sub...

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