• May 3rd '19

    7 Steps to Reboot this Ramadan

    By Calisha Bennet Amr Bin Kays رحمه الله has said: “Blessed is he; how excellent is he, the one who rectifies himself before the (blessed) month of Ramadan"[Lat'ta-if al-Ma'arif, p. 138] What could we have done better last Ramadan? W...

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  • May 2nd '19

    3-2-1 Ramadan GO-als!

    3 Top Tips To Jump Start Your Ramadan By Shalisha Smith Ramadan, the best month of the year! Every year this blessed month arrives, some of us enter it in a panic, followed by the overwhelm at the long hours of fasting and short hours of sleeping...

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  • Apr 29th '19

    The Blessings of Homelessness

    By Aliya Vaughan  "...But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not" Quran 2:216 "The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life" A....

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  • Apr 27th '19

    Poverty – A Hidden Blessing?

    By Crystal Daulton In the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful...Before I begin, I ask Allah for guidance and to continue to bless the mission of Solace in giving our revert sisters much needed support. May the donors and team memb...

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  • Apr 25th '19

    Blessings in Disguise: Differently-Abled, Not Disabled

    A New Perspective: Differently-abled NOT Disabled! By Shalisha Smith There was a time when I viewed people with disabilities with the eye of pity.  "Oh wow, imagine living life like that, Allah has truly blessed me.” If I happened to come acr...

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  • Apr 15th '19

    A Blessing in Disguise: When A Loved One Leaves

    By Romina Afghan If there is one quality that raises a person from being an average “Muslim” to an outstanding one who worships Allaah with “ihsaan” or excellence, it might be the ability to be grateful to Allaah at all times and in all ci...

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  • Apr 12th '19

    A Blessing In Disguise: Thank You For My Sight

    By Aya Zaki In that school’s small prayer room, a little girl sat not realizing she was having an encounter with God. It was a day where the teacher had decided they would all go and pray together as a class. It was a dim room, but the light and...

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  • Apr 4th '19

    Blessings In Disguise- The Importance Of Certainty

    By Fatima-Minna When I was a child one of my favourite authors was Enid Blyton. My 8 year old is currently exploring many of my favourite old books, and I am getting the opportunity to see her stories from an adults view point. A common thread thr...

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