• Mar 23rd '19

    Stories Of Solace: Releasing Toxic Ties

    By Abigail Maryam Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. Jalaluddin Rumi There was a mosque I used to go to. It housed a tight community of people who knew one another well. No one was left out, and they enthusiastically invited all newc...

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  • Mar 21st '19

    Stories of Solace: The Reluctant Supplicator

    By Meru Hussain I have regularly heard and read reminders about dua: the importance of it, the best time to supplicate, that it can be made anytime. Until recently, I wasn’t convinced that I could ask for anything.  Of course, I would make dua ...

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  • Mar 20th '19

    Stories of Solace: Searching For Freedom

     By Sadeemka. Like many of us I’ve grown up in a society full of expectations. It started from home. Being part of a nerdy family, obtaining the best grades at school become as obvious as the air you breathe. If it was a norm for your parents t...

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  • Mar 18th '19

    Stories of Solace: Channelling The Pain

    By Calisha Bennet Has someone ever hurt you so bad and you never even saw it coming? Had you invested all of your trust in them and they betrayed you? You loved them so deeply and they didn’t return the same level of love? We’ve all likely exp...

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  • Mar 14th '19

    Stories of Solace: The Land of Barakah

    By: Jessica Daqamsseh I remember the soft breeze welcoming the early light of day. The adhan beckoning believers to worship. My balcony overlooking an assortment of blessings—olive, fig, lemon, and pomegranate trees nestled near grape vines. The...

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  • Mar 4th '19

    The Silent Struggle: Living with Pain

    By Umm Sumayyah "Everyone upon the earth will perish, And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honour So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?" ( al Qur'an, 55:26-28) Is there anything in this world that lasts...

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  • Mar 3rd '19

    The Silent Struggle: Comfort Eating

    By Meru Hussain My favourite story from childhood was ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ -  A story of a creature who satisfies his every desire before blooming into a beautiful butterfly, devouring everything from apples to ice-creams. I wanted t...

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  • Mar 2nd '19

    The Silent Struggle: Time Management

    By Crystal Daulton Between housework, family, and job obligations, where do we find time to worship Allah? How do we complete our responsibilities in the dunya without compromising our place in Jannah? By what method do we gain time management? Wh...

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