• Apr 20th '23

    Eid as a Stranger

    Making the best of Eid  Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem Where do I start? I describe myself as a different type of revert but people from my home country Nigeria would not find that strange. But this is not about my reversion but about exp...

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  • Apr 19th '23

    Fasting: A Private Immersion

    By Zaynab Dawood Ramadan is a month of immense blessings and even before its silver moon is sighted, the preceding weeks permeate with enthusiasm and anticipated harmony. Muslims around the world feel its light as the heavenly portals emerge and ...

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  • Apr 17th '23

    The Power of Duaa

    Allah (ﷻ) answers the Dua of His servants Allah descends every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the first part of the night is over and says: I am the Lord; I am the Lord: who is there to supplicate to Me so that I answer him? Who ...

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  • Apr 5th '23

    Ramadan with Solace

    Be Her Solace this Ramadan: solaceuk.org/give/ Ramadan Reflections Series with Aliyah Umm Raiyaan: solaceuk.org/series Iftars in London and Manchester for revert women: solaceuk.org/events Improve your dua series with Sh. Saalim Al Azha...

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  • Apr 1st '23

    Health Is Wealth – Let Food Be Thy Medicine!

    By MonicaRamadan is fast approaching! (Insha'Allah) It is such a strange but beautiful feeling, Subhan'Allah. It is sort of like we are awaiting the arrival of a very special guest!May Allah allow us to reach Ramadan, and make the most of its blessi...

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  • Mar 31st '23

    The Light Of The First Fast

    By Aditi As Ramadan slowly approached I sat at a loss contemplating this new journey and experience.  Constant thoughts and fears arising in my mind, "How will I make this experience perfect?" "Will I fail ?" and "How will I know if I am doi...

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  • Mar 30th '23

    Servitude in Solitude: Loneliness During Ramadan

    By Zeinab, London. Ramadan, a month that has been away from the Ummah for an entire year, is finally upon us again. A blessed time to armour our iman with increased acts of worship and consolidate our devotion to Allah, the entire Muslim world o...

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  • Mar 29th '23

    Top Tips For A First Ramadan

    By Iman "O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous" -- Surat Al-Baqarah 2:183 Ramadan is a special time for all Muslims. It is during this month that the holy Qur...

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  • Apr 25th '22

    Ramadan Renewal and Refocus

    By Aliya Vaughan There are so many posts on social media celebrating Ramadan. It is an exciting time, but for some Muslims it is the cause for much anxiety, grief, and sadness. If this resonates with you, what is it that prevents you from wel...

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  • May 30th '19

    7 Ways to an Enriching 10 Days

    By Calisha Bennet The blessed 10 days of worship are here once again as believers worldwide strive to catch the Night of Decree and it’s immense reward! Some feel great joy at it’s arrival. Others feel excitement. Some experience apprehension ...

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