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  • Feb 2nd '23

    Letter From The CEO: January 2023

    To the Solace Community: Assalamu alaikum dear Brothers and Sisters, I pray this newsletter, for the last quarter of 2022, finds you and your loved ones in good health and strong faith. Ameen. I cannot believe I am writing this on th...

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  • Nov 10th '22

    Walking in solidarity with Her in Nottingham (2022)

    By Aliya VaughanThe countdown had begun…it was only a week before the big day. Two Solace ‘Walks with Her’ were to take place in London and Manchester. The anticipation and excitement were mounting but sadly, I would not be participating. Livi...

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  • Jun 7th '22

    North of England: Solace has arrived

    At the beginning of the year, you may have received emails from us regarding vacancies for a branch in the works — Solace North. We’re so pleased to announce that the new branch has launched. We’ve supported over 30+ sisters since we start...

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  • Apr 1st '22

    Impact Report 2021

    Before Ramadan last year for about a year, Solace was quiet. The world had just witnessed coronavirus spread and affect people and countries in waves, and we all confined ourselves in our homes. The work didn’t stop. But it was in the ble...

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  • Jul 31st '20


    As-salaamu alaykum and Eid Mubarak to you and your families from all of your Solace family. May  Allaah accept all of your efforts over the past ten blessed days and may your Eid be filled with the remembrance of Allaah's favours and  gratitude...

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  • May 24th '19

    Support 3 specific revert sisters in difficulty!

    83 year old Susan's story This is a request for help in order that I may see my husband who has Alzheimer's, which means his brain is shutting down, and I feel I have not got long before he is lost to me forever. At 83 years old, I am not menta...

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  • Apr 23rd '18

    Muslim Stickers are supporting Solace UK!

    Muslim Stickers have kindly chosen Solace UK as the charity they will support. Do head over to discover their amazing products. By purchasing from them, you support Solace UK too!

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  • Dec 13th '17

    Solace’s first international branch!

    Solace is pleased to announce the launch of its first international branch in the Netherlands. Solace NL is now accepting applications for support. Visit for more details.

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