Renewal and New Beginnings

  • Nov 26th '20

    Raise Your Commitment- Letters to my Younger Self IV

    By Romina Afghan The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said, 'Say: "I believe in Allah" — and then be steadfast.'" [Muslim] Take that advice of the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him); take it and make it your mantra. Commit. Just do i...

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  • Nov 25th '19

    Why I Love…The Gift Of Knowledge

    By Traci Wells Our brains are amazing. Mind bogglingly (is that a word??!) amazing. It is the central organ of our nervous system controlling everything our mind and body thinks, feels, sees and does. It grows continuously with knowledge, yet shrink...

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  • Feb 2nd '19

    How Cancer Stacks Up To New Beginnings

    By Sheena Hussain A cancer diagnosis can often leave you feeling at a crossroad: do you continue living your life as it was pre-cancer, or do you undergo a complete overhaul? That’s the dilemma that I faced.  However, for me, it was a rela...

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  • Feb 1st '19

    Six Reminders On The Road To Renewal

    By Aya Zaki When we first begin treading the path which Allah has shown us, we might be overwhelmed by emotions, thoughts, changes, or new knowledge. The following are a few points that have helped me alhamdulillah,  to gain balance on the road o...

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  • Jan 31st '19

    Renew Yourself- Step Out Of The Darkness and Shine!

    By Zaynab Dawood Expectations adorn our horizon. Our lives seamlessly weave into paths that stretch out before us into a pattern of life that we all expect to fit into, to keep smiling and to keep our heads held high. This is a good thing, alhumdu...

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  • Jan 30th '19

    New Tests Bring New Beginnings

    By Traci Wells-Ali Could you do with a fresh start, with a new perspective on the tests of life that we all face..? “Do people think they will be left alone after saying ‘We believe’ without being put to the test? We tested those who went b...

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  • Jan 29th '19

    4 Ways To Free Yourself From Your Past

    By Crystal Daulton It’s that time of year again where most of us do some reflecting and want to make changes for the better, however some of us aren’t able to look to our future because something is keeping us locked in the past.  What are so...

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  • Jan 29th '19

    Renewing Our Relationships With Mercy

    Renewing our Relationships with Mercy: Three Parenting Practices to Implement By Hannah Charlotte Athauda Our children are adorable when they are babies and small infants. It is easier to be patient, to forgive their misdemeanors by virtue of ...

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  • Jan 28th '19

    From Black-and-White to Colour… Life As A New Muslim

    By Saoirse Fitzgibbon I recently came across a video of people experiencing colour for the first time. I watched it on repeat and I cried every time. I imagined living in a world without colour, without the hues and shades that uplift me d...

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