Renewal and New Beginnings

  • Jan 17th '19

    Opportunities For Renewal

    By Fatima-Minna Prior to the birth of my second child I felt a strong desire to have a ‘spring clean’ of my house, otherwise known as the nesting instinct! I sorted through every cupboard and drawer, discarding things that were no longer usefu...

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  • Jan 14th '19

    Renewal through Love, Surrender and Forgiveness

    By Abigail Maryam “Each new chapter of our lives requests an old part of us to fall and a new part of us to rise.”~ Jenna Galbut The sun was setting in Istanbul. While atop Çamlıca Hill with a dear friend, watching the orange-yellow rays sett...

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  • Jan 7th '19

    Renewing Your Relationship With The Qur’aan

    By Jessica Deqamsseh The faithful continue taraweeh as I exit through the stairwell. A huddled mass of mother and child converge where the light recedes, a blurry confection of step and floor. The woman gently weeps, engrossed in her solitude. My ...

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  • Dec 29th '18

    Renewal With The New Year

    By Asma Nemati While I wash dishes every morning, after the rush of sending kids and husband off to the world, I enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Amman. I live on the third floor of a sandy brown apartment building located on the hills of Amm...

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  • Jan 3rd '18

    Renewal And New Beginnings: Born Again Believers!

    Why a Muslim can and should renew their faith,intentions and path in life at ANY time! by Calisha Bennet   For the convert who has fallen back into pre-Islamic habits and is riddled with regret; for the non-practicing Muslim who is tired ...

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