Revert Awareness

  • Mar 14th '23

    Orphaned By Accepting Islam

    ‘I can’t even look at you anymore!’ Preeti's face crumbled at these words.  Was that really her father? Her beloved father who she had only ever known as gentle and loving.  She recalled that time when the family visited the lavender fields...

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  • Mar 8th '23

    Searching For Light Amidst The Darkness

    She grew up in a landscape adorned with natural beauty and the artistry of men who constructed huge monuments of the Catholic tradition: looming cathedrals that basked in the Spanish heat.  But she also grew up in a land where the call to ...

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  • Feb 20th '23

    A Tale of Self-Discovery: How Alison Came To Islam

    Sakina had this amazing energy about her, Alison thought and her charismatic personality drew Alison to her immediately when they first met at Uni. As she got to know her, Alison’s curiosity was piqued: why does she w...

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  • Jan 25th '23

    “I’m living a double life.”

    "I'm living a double life." At home, I am just a regular girl. I am my parents' daughter and an older sister to my siblings. Outside of my home or at uni, I'm a Muslim. My family knows nothing about this, nor can I ever tell them… They wo...

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