• Jul 31st '20


    As-salaamu alaykum and Eid Mubarak to you and your families from all of your Solace family. May  Allaah accept all of your efforts over the past ten blessed days and may your Eid be filled with the remembrance of Allaah's favours and  gratitude...

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  • May 23rd '20

    A Message From The Heart…

    THANK YOU AND EID MUBARAK!   To every sister in Islam, revert or born Muslim, Solace UK would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Eid - May Allaah accept all of your deeds done this month, may He answer all of your duaas and ...

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  • Feb 24th '20

    Protecting My Identity: KNOWING WHO I AM

    By Aliya Vaughan As humans, we are all united under the banner of humanity. That is our identity as a human race. Within that, we have multiple identities in terms of race, ethnicity, class, religion, etc. And in terms of religious identity, Muslims...

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  • May 24th '19

    Support 3 specific revert sisters in difficulty!

    83 year old Susan's story This is a request for help in order that I may see my husband who has Alzheimer's, which means his brain is shutting down, and I feel I have not got long before he is lost to me forever. At 83 years old, I am not menta...

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  • Mar 27th '19

    Finding Solace In Palestine

    By Sheena Hussain Being an avid traveller, I honestly had no idea what to expect when I embarked on my first ever journey to the Holy Land, more accurately described as Al-Quddus, the beautiful and glorified plains of Palestine. The excitement...

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  • Nov 16th '18

    Believing in Dreams

    Did you once have big dreams? Did you once have dreams…. dreams of becoming a doctor, an author, or perhaps owning your own business? Prior to practising Islam, many of us had dreams; yet as we began to practice we let go of our dreams. Som...

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  • Apr 23rd '18

    Muslim Stickers are supporting Solace UK!

    Muslim Stickers have kindly chosen Solace UK as the charity they will support. Do head over to discover their amazing products. By purchasing from them, you support Solace UK too!   https://muslimstickers.com/why-i-think-solace-is-a-gr...

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