• Mar 15th '23

    Making The Most Of Sha’ban

    By Fatna The month of Sha'ban is upon us. This is a month hailed by scholars as a fundamental time for sowing the seeds of pious toil that we can then hope to harvest during the most important month of the Hijri calendar: Ramadan. Despite its imp...

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  • Dec 28th '22

    Leaving behind the winter of your life

    By Zaynab Dawood Shorter days, longer nights…  There is a stillness and barrenness in winter that yields a sense of hopelessness.  Shorter days and longer nights entrap us, and for many this is a serious issue.  SAD, Seas...

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  • Nov 17th '22

    We Walked With Her In Solihull

    By Natalie Mohammed, October 2022 The air was crisp, but the sun beamed down through the leafy pathways with the promise of warmth. I was late. I had to run. Walking boots on, my husband’sloose,tangerineT-shirt beaming bright against the weathe...

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