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Provide basic living costs for revert sisters awaiting a Home Office decision


We were all saddened by the murder of ex-Hindu revert sister Sana (may Allah bestow His Mercy upon her) by her extremist Hindu ex-husband. Sana leaves behind 6 children of which was an unborn baby that was delivered at the time of her murder. This extremely sad event created awareness of the difficulty many revert sisters encounter upon embracing Islam.


Let us tell you the story of another ex-Hindu revert sister who needs your help: Sister Jagruti, whose circumstances have been verified by us, is an ex-Hindu revert sister that struggles to keep a roof over her head and food in her mouth. This is what happens when you’re a revert with no permission from the UK government to work or access public funds.

Your relentless efforts, as well as deep comprehension, keep us moving forward with our daily lives, enabling us to focus on getting stronger in our Imaan and learning Islam to the best of our abilities. Being put in touch with sister Urwa was one of the best things that ever happened to me…

Jagruti, is an ex-Hindu revert sister who reverted to Islam in 2010. Jagruti has been in the UK for 23 years. She married a UK resident in 1996. Her ex-husband was imprisoned for a committed crime and due to his absence, he was unable to be present for her UK residency application.

Upon hearing that Jagruti had embraced Islam, he divorced her in 2010 and reported her to the Home Office as an illegal immigrant. Jagruti, then began her journey towards becoming a legal residency. She applied several times. Her first application was refused in 2011, she appealed and that was also refused in 2012. She became completely illegal in 2013. Jagruti, then applied to well known, large Muslim charities for support, but was refused due to having no documents as they were all with the Home Office. She also applied for help at various masajid in and outside of London. They all refused to help her for the same reason. A non-Muslim organisation even advised her to return to India! As an ex-Hindu revert, there is great fear for her life and safety and so this is not an option she could even consider.

Jagruti, contacted Solace for support and we were able to help her with her initial needs to keep a roof over her head and food in her stomach. Solace needs your help to help support Jagruti, and other sisters like her who are unable to work and are awaiting a Home Office decision.

Alhamdulillah, due to the number of years Jagruti has been in the UK, she is now able to apply for legal status on that very basis. May Allah facilitate this for her.

Jagruti Needs:

1. Rent help of £360 per month until the Home Office issue her residency – paid by Solace directly to the landlord

2. Butane gas cartridges for her weekly cooking which cost £21.98 (she lives in shared accommodation) –Cartridges bought by Solace for her

3. Weekly Food vouchers from Asda £30 – ordered by Solace and posted to her

4. Immigration and NHS fee of £1550 – paid directly to the Solicitor

5.  Solicitor’s fee of £1000 – paid directly to the Solicitor


Over the years, we have received and verified stories from other revert sisters just like Jagruti, who have no way of working or claiming public benefits due to their immigration status. They live on handouts from members of the Muslim community. We want to set up a secure set of funds to help Jagruti and sisters like her.

After receiving some help from Solace, Jagruti sent us this heartbreaking message:


Assalamoalaikum Dear sisters,

Assalamoalaikum Dear sisters, I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to Allah(SubhanoWa Ta’ala) for having chosen yourselves as a means to assist innumerable revert sisters like myself, with such understanding and generosity, completely on a voluntary basis. For, it is only due to such prestigious organisations as Solace that live up to their very name, is the independent survival of people like me, whom all relatives and friends have shunned due to change of faith, is feasible, Alhamdullillah. May Allah(SubhanoWa Ta’ala) give you the required strength and selfless drive from the bottom of your hearts for continuing the benevolence of bringing normalcy to so many lives. Your relentless efforts as well as deep comprehension keep us moving forward with our daily lives, enabling us to focus on getting stronger in our imaan and learning Islam to the best of our abilities.

Yours sincerely, Jagruti



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