Impact Report 2023(2022)

Impact Report 2022

To the beautiful community supporting Muslim women beyond the shahadah, before we enter the blessed month of Ramadan once again, we are reflecting on the impact we’ve made together.

Your impact this year was literally life-changing

🏠 In 2022, Solace was a team of 18 women and 28 volunteers. Alhamdulillah, more and more people are applying to join our wonderful team of volunteers.

🙌 We held 4 fundraising challenges with 165 fundraisers. They had 2,215 supporters. They joined us in our Sugar-free Challenge in January, Race to Good in Ramadan, Boat Race competition with other organisations in June, and our annual Charity Walk, “Walk With Her” in October). Join our Ramadan Revert Support Challenge happening right now.

✉️ We received 1,526 requests for support from revert women. That’s an average of 4 women per day. We received support requests from the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Pakistan, France, Kenya, Ireland, Norway, Nigeria, India, Gambia, South Africa, Canada, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Austria, and Germany.

And with your support, your time, and your donations…

🧕 We directly impacted 989 revert women and children through our services and events.

🗓 We held 13 support events — 8 in-person and 5 online, benefitting 333 women and 259 children. (£18,818.00)
A Webinar on Islamic Wills in March 2022, 4 Support Sessions in Ramadan, 2 Iftars and 4 Eid events in London and Manchester, a Trip to a Lavender Farm in July, and the Life After Shahadah Conference in December.

🎉 We launched three (3) new services to provide more holistic support to revert women, bringing our total number of services to 13, and expanded to the North of England. We launched the Small Business Support and Will-Writing Service in March and the Solace in Marriage Service in December. Solace expanded to the North of England, giving better support to revert women in Manchester, Bradford and Leeds.

🍞 We fed and clothed revert women and their children, covering their basic needs at home, and kept them warm through winter.(£4,501.00)

🛍 We gave away 468 gifts on the days of ‘eid, bringing joy to revert women and their families. (£3817.05)

🏠 We helped keep revert women protected and safe by helping them stay in their own homes. (£14,171.00)

👭 We provided emotional and spiritual support to revert women worldwide, with applications across 15 countries, through 1:1 support sessions.36,834.75) That’s over 3,000 support sessions or at least 8 support sessions every single day of the year.

📚 We invested in revert women’s learning and education through courses, books and other educational materials. (£2,166.00)

💸 We alleviated debt with zakat you’ve entrusted us with to cover revert women’s accumulated essential loans and bills to cover their past needs, enabling them to have a fresh start without the burden of debt. (£40,936.00)

👂 We helped revert women who are victims of domestic violence and are struggling with their mental health to overcome their trauma and abuse and other issues keeping them stuck.(£8,285.00)

💝 We sent care packages through gifts, days out together, and toys, bringing relief to mothers who are burned out and struggling and their kids the gift of joy and good memories with their families. (£9,143.00) They enjoyed park visits, various activities, books, parenting courses, other educational materials, toys, and gifts.

📜 We helped revert women write their Islamic wills to prepare for their passing, for themselves and their loved ones, and ensuring their children are cared for. (£1,870.00)

🪦 We buried a revert woman, ensuring she is cared for not just in life, but also in death. (£3,250.00)

💌 In 2022, we received over 5,500 donations from 42 countries.
United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, France, Brunei, South Africa, United States, Spain, Singapore, Hungary, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands, Oman, Bahrain, Denmark, New Zealand, China, Kuwait, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Botswana, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Norway, Qatar, Luxembourg, Japan, Maldives, Pakistan, Ireland, Nigeria, Belgium, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Jordan, Mauritius.

🧡 Together, we directly impacted revert women and their families in a truly profound way.

A message from one of the revert women we helped together:

“I remember the moment I was pulled out of the trance at the voice of my support worker saying, ‘Sister, if I could just run through your application, then we can get you the right help.’ My father abandoned me. I had no money, no support… My support worker had been a shoulder to cry on and an ear to be heard after months of being spoken to and abused. Solace became the answer to my prayers.”

We truly wouldn’t be able to do this work without you.

We ask Allah to reward you with much abundance and goodness in this life and the hereafter,

Your Sisters from Solace

Many revert women struggle on their own after embracing Islam.

Your contributions keep them supported, and that support keeps them going.

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