Impact Report 2021

Impact Report

Before Ramadan last year for about a year, Solace was quiet. The world had just witnessed corona virus spread and affect people and countries in waves, and we all confined ourselves in our homes.

The work didn’t stop. But it was in the blessed month of Ramadan that we, once again, engaged with this beautiful community.

A year has passed since. And as we enter Ramadan once more, we are reflecting on the impact we’ve made together.

✉️ In 2021, we received 558 applications from revert sisters. That’s an average of 1.5 per day.

🧕Together, we directly impacted 389 revert sisters in difficulty and 68 children.

🍞 We’ve fed and clothed revert sisters and their children, and covered their basic needs at home. (£3308.55)

💝 We’ve sent care packages to revert sisters and their children through gifts, days out together, and toys; and brought joy to revert sisters on the day of ‘eid. (£2283.74)

🏠 We’ve helped keep revert sisters protected and safe by helping them stay in their own homes. (£9806.77)

👭 We’ve provided emotional and spiritual support to revert sisters worldwide through 1:1 support sessions. (£6987.7)

📚 We’ve invested in sisters’ learning and education (£495), and will continue to do so with the Solace Institute, inshaAllah.

💸 We’ve alleviated debt with zakat you’ve entrusted us with to cover accumulated essential loans and bills of revert sisters used to cover their past needs. (£48,453.18)

🪦 We’ve buried a revert sister, ensuring she is cared for not just in life, but also in death. (£3900)

💌 We’ve helped revert sisters who are victims of domestic violence and struggling with their mental health, to overcome their trauma and abuse. (£9775)

👩‍💼 We’ve helped revert sisters with their means of livelihood, ensuring they have the knowledge and support to be successful and able to provide for themselves and their families. (£7950)

🧡 Together, we’ve directly impacted revert sisters and their families in a truly profound way.


A message from one of the sisters we’ve helped together:
“May Allah bless Solace and all the beautiful souls who are contributing to its running to save sisters in need. I am extremely grateful to Allah for having disclosed Solace to me and having saved me through it. May Allah reward you all with jannatul firdous.”

Ameen to her dua. We wouldn’t be able to do this work without you.

May Allah reward you with much abundance,

Your Sisters from Solace

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