Walk With Her

To make way to start point from Westminster station: come out of ticket barriers and turn left towards Exit 1. Walk to end and turn left.

Walk up steps and turn left onto Westminster Bridge. Cross Westminster bridge and turn left towards London Eye, along the riverfront.

Walk past the London Eye, and along the riverfront towards Waterloo bridge, passing under the Hungerford bridge (a pedestrian and railway bridge).

Continue along the riverfront to Waterloo bridge.

After the skate park on your right ends and a restaurant on your right called Wahaca, turn right at the National Film Theatre.

Take one set of steps up and walk straight ahead, passing the circus sign on your right, and turn left after the BFI Southbank sign. Walk under subway. Turn left and walk up the steps.

Cross Waterloo bridge to the north side of the river.

Just after you cross the river, go down the set of stairs to your right signposted Somerset House. You will emerge at street level opposite the RNLI pier. Turn left and continue east along Victoria Embankment, passing Somerset House, Temple tube station and the gated area of Temple (gardens and old buildings) on your left. Continue along crossing a road, passing a second gated garden area on your left.

At the end of the garden area, cross the cycle pathway and keep walking straight ahead to Blackfriars bridge, passing Carmelite House on your left. Keep walking straight, passing a businessman statue on your left.

After JP Morgan on your left, keep walking to the first set of traffic lights. Cross over towards the right.

Cross Blackfriars bridge. Once over the bridge, you should see a pub called Doggetts ahead of you on your right. Go down the steps beside the pub and turn right, along the river. Walk through the tunnel.

Follow the riverfront path to the Tate Modern, ensuring you walk around the Founders Arms pub towards the right of it, then back to the riverside walk.

Just after the Tate Modern, cross the pedestrian footbridge in front of you (the Millennium bridge) and continue straight ahead to St Pauls.

At the end of Millenium bridge, take your immediate left down the stairs. Then turn left along the riverside towards the Shard. (The next part of the walk is not on the riverside.) Keep walking and turn left at Broken Wharf House, following the Riverside Walk East signs. Turn right at High Timber Street, then right again after Queen’s Quay. Walk down to the riverside and follow the path.

Keep walking along the riverside until you come across a sign called ‘Three Barrels Walk’. Keep walking up to the right. Then walk up the stairs by the red emergency buoy. At the top of the stairs, turn immediately right towards Southwark bridge, and cross Southwark bridge.

Then at the end of the bridge, take the stairs down on the right. At the restaurant Zizzi/riverside house, turn left, walk under the small tunnel.

Continue along the riverfront, passing the Anchor Tavern. At Wagamama, turn left under Cannon Street railway bridge and Clink Prison.

Continue to the end of Clink Street, passing the Golden Hinde on your left. When you reach a path, turn left, and follow the road round with the Cathedral on your right.

Walk straight ahead towards the bridge, passing Glaziers Hall on your left, take stairs up immediately after Glaziers Hall.

Walk along London bridge. At the end of London bridge, near the bus stop, take the stairs down on the left. Go under the subway, then take the stairs up on the right.

Walk back towards London bridge southside, and take the winding stairs down on the left. At the bottom of the stairs turn right, keep walking towards Tower bridge.

At tower Millenium Pier, walk towards your left, keep walking up with the Tower of London castle on your right. Keeping walking uphill with the Welcome Center on your left. Keep to the right as close to the castle, and enter the walkway with the castle on your right. Walk along the castle walkway right until the end, before the subway.

Walk up the stairs on the right and walk along Tower bridge, to the south side.

If the walkway is closed off, walk to the left of it along the pavement. Follow the pavement round towards Tower bridge and cross over to the south side.

At the end of the bridge, take the stairs down on the lefthand side, turn right towards the grass area.

[End of 7 Bridges Route] 

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