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Stage 2: Matching

Those that have successfully completed Stage One, can choose to enter the matching process. Applications are open until 6th August 2023.

Participants will complete a comprehensive form stating what they are looking for in a marriage and spouse. This information is then entered into our custom-built database and individuals are matched based on their criteria. These matches are then verified by our in-house team, prior to inviting those that have been successfully matched to Stage Three.

If you would like to read more please visit the Marriage Service page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join without taking the course?

No, all participants are required to complete the Solace Pre-Marriage Course.

What if I already have a person in mind?

You can opt to join the service with them. After completing Stage 1, you will skip Stage 2 (Matching) and proceed to Stage 3 (Wali Panel) with them.

How do you assess compatibility?

Compatibility is assessed via the matching questionnaire, indivividual applicants are matched via database according to their responses preferences, likes, dislikes, expectations, etc. These are then verified in-house.

Will you offer this service for polygamous marriages?

To be notified when the service is expanded to accommodate polygamy, click here.

How can I get notified about the next round?

If you can’t join this round, you can get notified about the next round by completing this form.

Is the service just for reverts?

The service is for revert sisters, but brothers applying can be reverts or born Muslims.

To what extent do you vet the person?

We obtain two references for each person, these are then followed up and verified by the Wali Panel. The Wali Panel will also undertake visits and additional meetings with the family/friends of those who successfully move on to the Wali Panel stage.

If someone proposes to me, can I give them your number as a wali after signing up?

If someone has an existing potential match/proposal, they can apply for the service but both parties must complete stage 1 (pre-marriage course) to be able to access support at stage 3 (Wali panel) or stage 4 (Nikkah/Walima).

Is there an age limit?

No age limit

Can you join as a revert if you have a wali?

Yes, you can join, the Wali Panel stage and support would still apply.

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For inquiries and other marriage service-related concerns, please contact [email protected]

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