Case Studies

Case Study A

Sister A, aged 43, East London 
Year reverted: 2004
Key Issues: Loneliness, Isolation, Domestic Violence

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Case Study B

Sister C, aged 29, Midlands
Year reverted: 2010
Key Issues: Isolation, family rejection, difficult divorce, financial difficulty

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Case Study C

Sister R, aged 35, North London
Year reverted: 1999
Key Issues: Abuse, Rejection, Low Self Image

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  • I truly appreciate all the advice and emotional you have given me over this past year. Words cannot explain how grateful I am as you were there for me when I needed it most. My journey ahead will not be easy but I have the mindset to get through it with Allah's help. I believe I can.

  • Prior to receiving support from Solace, I was at breaking point in both my personal & spiritual life. After being Muslim for almost 7 years, I began to question if becoming Muslim was the right decision & if Allaah even existed. Since the very beginning of my Islaam I have been through really turbulent times and life changing events including two failed marriages which were both violent and abusive, financial hardship which almost rendered me homeless, abuse from my family and now being ... Read more

  • I have come a long way by the mercy of Allah. I feel I'll be able to stand on my feet without our mentoring sessions although I will miss them. I trust in Allah to strengthen me and my imaan will continue to rise along with my current affairs. Once again jazakAllah khayr for all your support. Although we didn't get to meet I pray Allah can give you success in your affairs always. Ameen.

Case Study D

Sister B, aged 24, Manchester 
Year reverted: 1998
Key Issues: Isolation, questions on Islam, issues at home with parents

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Case Study E

Sister K, aged 50, West London 
Year reverted: 2005
Key Issues: Isolation, Low Self Esteem

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