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Supporting Reverts Beyond The Shahaadah

Solace is a registered charity committed to helping revert sisters in difficulty. Help us help them.


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Every revert sister deserves to be supported by her new family – the Muslim community.




People fundraised for the Revert Support campaign last Ramadan.


Planted the seed of giving regularly to revert sisters in difficulty.


Donations of sadaqah and zakah to support new Muslims.

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This Ramadan

For over ten years, thousands of revert sisters from all over the world have approached Solace for help. During these final nights, here are the ways you can give solace to a sister in difficulty.

Giving Solace in Ramadan

Give Solace Monthly: Be a Regular Donor

Plant the seed of giving regularly this Ramadan.

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Donate your Zakat

New Muslims fall under the 8 categories of zakat. Solace has a 100% donation policy.

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Fundraise for Solace

Join the tribe of 70+ people who are fundraising for revert sisters in difficulty this Ramadan.


Sponsor a Revert Sister

Sponsor a revert sister in difficulty for just for 25p a day.


Sponsor a Revert Single Mum

Sponsor a 1 Year RELIEF Package for a revert single mum and her children for just £1 per day!


Gift Solace

Sponsor an ‘Eid Gift

Your £10 donation will be used to brighten a revert sister’s Eid. It is often the only gift a revert sister will receive.


Giving Solace in Ramadan

Be her solace in four ways

For 10 years, thousands of revert sisters from all over the world have approached Solace for help.


For The Last 10 Nights

Autogive steps

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Revert Stories

Find out what life is like for revert sisters, whose lives are touched and forever changed by your donations.

Escape From An Alcoholic

Laila met Emir when she was living with a family in France as an au pair. He helped her one day when her shopping bag split open, spilling apples into the road. He kindly retrieved each one but the delay meant she missed her bus. As she waited for the next one,...

When The Storms Keep Coming

“Why can’t I see him? You let us last time Mummy,” Esra asked Sinead for the third night in a row. They had just put the younger ones to bed, but all through bedtime, Esra somehow found a way to ask the same question. How many more excuses could Sinead give...

Melanie’s Mid-Life Divorce: The Story Of A New Revert Trying To Go It Alone

After spending the last few years of her life trying to work on her marriage, Melanie found herself divorced with two young children. She had only just reverted to Islam a year ago. Feeling alone, confused and broken she reflected over the years that...

From Down-and-Out Single Mum to Positive Parent

For Aaisha, it has been a long arduous journey, a decade full of trials and memories of a man who did not love her or their four children.  Alhamdulillah she’s reached a safe haven: a safe haven within herself as she maintains...

Searching For Light Amidst The Darkness

She grew up in a landscape adorned with natural beauty and the artistry of men who constructed huge monuments of the Catholic tradition: looming cathedrals that basked in the Spanish heat.  But she also grew up in a land where the call to prayer echoed and...

From the Frying Pan Into The Fire

She was worn down. Tired. Life after shahaadah had felt more like a death sentence lately. She was doing something wrong, and all this was her fault – she knew it was, because that’s what the voices in her head had been telling her;...

A Tale of Self-Discovery: How Alison Came To Islam

Sakina had this amazing energy about her, Alison thought and her charismatic personality drew Alison to her immediately when they first met at Uni. As she got to know her, Alison’s curiosity was piqued: why does she wear the...

Surviving The Cycle Of Domestic Abuse

From a very young age, Asiyah had witnessed her father abusing her mother: he would come back from work and within minutes, kick off. It seemed to Asiyah that her mother never said or did anything to protect herself, and as a...

Lisa’s Love Story

They met at Uni. Lisa was staying at a friend’s place when Danyal appeared one night with Lisa’s brother for a friday night pizza. They clicked immediately – his warm brown eyes, dark hair, and flashing smile made him irresistible. She was...

Orphaned By Accepting Islam

This is Preeti’s story.  ‘I can’t even look at you anymore!’ Preeti’s face crumbled at these words.  Was that really her father? Her beloved father who she had only ever known as gentle and loving.  She recalled that time when the family visited the...

Sponsor An ‘Eid Gift

Brighten a revert sister’s ‘eid. With your help, 70 ‘eid gifts are available to gift solace to revert sisters in difficulty.

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