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Small Business Directory

Solace UK maintains this Small Business directory to boost the visibility of small businesses run by revert women. You will find below a growing list of businesses that we recommend you to check out and encourage you to share with others. #SupportSmallBusinesses

If you’re a qualified beneficiary of this support and would like to submit your business, you can apply here.


Solace UK is not affiliated with any of the businesses. Solace UK does not profit from any sale made from the promotions. Solace UK will not liable for any purchases made through the directory or promotions.

Small Business Directory

Arts and Crafts

Heartmade by Aunty Tiah. Online shop with PDF activities & kits for children. Modern Cross-stitch patterns for Muslims. Patreon memberships available too for different Art&Crafts. Website

The Arty Crafty Muslim Club. Community interest company that offer Art&craft clubs (free supplies) in south London. Weekly clubs for women & homeschool children. Monthly clubs for kids and weekly during some half terms. Website

Thedeen_ilove. The Deen I love is an islamic lifestyle store with digital downloads on Etsy such as Ramadan decorations, art and fashion for men and women. View On Instagram. Phone: +447728405402

Beauty and Wellness

Fathima’s Hijama. Certified Hijama Female practitioner based in Blackburn (Lancashire). Phone: +447707881382

Sabina Sunnah Clinic. Hijama, Swedish massage and hotstone massage. Website

Shamz Hijamah. Hijamah, head and body massage for women. View On Instagram. Phone: +447542598110

Zaky Beauty Therapies. Mobile beauty and wellness therapy services help women heal and make them feel beautiful. Website. Phone: +447828003478


Sugar Plum. Playful and girly gift ideas for children, which are cute, a little bit quirky and made with care. Website


Giftstothesoul. Abayas, hijabs, oud, prayer mats, sweets gifts and more. Website. Phone: +447453622941

Modesty. Abayas, khimar, and prayer clothes for women. View on Instagram. Phone: +447918139390


Alternative Medicine

Bliss Homeopathy. Homeopathic Support for anyone experiencing physical, mental, or emotional imbalance, illness, or pain in the body through a full talking consultation. Website. Phone: +447760110185

Maternal Health

Doula Alqabalia. Supporting women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Website. Phone: +447983809140

The Muslim Doula. Birth and postpartum support for Muslim sisters as well as provide herbal remedies, belly wrapping to support postpartum help. Website. Phone: +447861749295

Jewelry and Accessories

Trinklet’s Studio. Jewellery made from Indian German silver and oxidized. Currently selling earrings only but also introducing other jewellery in rose gold and silver soon. Website


Personal Development

Sakinah. Life coaching. Website

Wonder Years Project. Guiding development across the lifespan and supporting individuals to flourish. Website. Phone: +447939362927

Pet Care

Leicester Kitty Care.Cat boarding and sitting services in Leicester. View On Instagram


Ldns Investigations. Private investigations, process serving and security. Website. Phone: +447506542513

Virtual Assistant Services

Your Virtual Matters. Virtual assistant services such as general admin, social media, copywriting, content creation e.g. ebooks, social posts, courses and more. View on Instagram


Sisterbook. Sister book is a Muslimah only social media platform with emphasis in bridging the gap between reverts and the born Muslim community. View Website

The Revert Channel. Community and resources for revert sisters. We have webinars and courses on topics such as prayer, Taqwa, Ramadan and more. We have memberships which include access to a community WhatsApp group and monthly Sisterhood Circle. Website

Sports and Fitness

Oshiki Sports. Sports sessions basketball, badminton, fitness sessions for women, and modest sports wear for women. View on Instagram. Phone: +447710540807

Pilates For Her. Pilates classes and one-to-one sessions. Low back pain programs and exercise referral help. View on Instagram. Phone: +447926614245


Stacked Digital. Variety of online presence and visibility tools- websites, apps, paid ads, graphics. Website. Phone: +447868208641

Last updated in December 2023

Thriving Ventures: Discover 31 Revert-Owned Small Businesses in Our Directory

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