Sponsor a Single Mum

Sponsor A Single Mum

Navigating life as a revert is challenging, and for revert single mothers, it can be an even more daunting journey. Often new to their faith, they face the isolation of embracing a religion that might not be embraced by their families and friends. When they become single mothers, they bear the added weight of raising Muslim children without support.

By becoming a sponsor, you ensure that these brave women and their children receive the assistance they need. Together, we can stand as a pillar of strength for those navigating this unique and often challenging path, offering them the embrace and support of their new Muslim family.

Sponsor a Family with up to 2 Children

£30 per month

Extend a helping hand to a family with two children by sponsoring their essential needs.

Sponsor a Family with up to 4 Children

£45 per month

Your support can make an incredible difference in their lives by providing care and essentials.

Sponsor a Family with up to 6 Children

£60 per month

Make a profound difference by sponsoring a family with up to six children.

Sponsor a Family with up to 8 Children

£75 per month

Your generosity can make a huge difference in providing stability and hope for this larger family in need.

Supporting Single Mothers In Difficulty

We strive for every revert woman to experience the embrace and care of her new Muslim family. Your support enables us to extend that crucial support. Sponsor a 1-year Relief Package for a revert single mum and her children for just £1 per day. Your contribution becomes their pillar of strength for an entire year.

 Solace’s experience for more than a decade has shown that many revert mothers experience:




Financial difficulty


Little to zero child support from an ex-husband


Trauma from an abusive marriage


Struggles to learn and apply the Islamic faith


Feeling emotionally stretched in raising children without family support

Your sponsorship of a 1-year Relief Package for a revert single mum and her children at just £1 per day can make a significant impact.

Give Your Zakah

New Muslims fall under 1 of the 8 recipients of Zakat. Your generosity paves the way for much good for the benefit of many.

“The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and (for) the wayfarers; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is knower, Wise.” (The Qur’an 9:60)

Supporting new Muslims is so important that Allah made them 1 of the 8 categories you can give your Zakat to. Support a revert sister in difficulty today by becoming a sponsor.

"I feel Solace is the only organisation that caters for reverts only that can reach out to sisters nationwide. It has a great marketing, direct email services and reminders sent by text message which are very useful and personal. This way we feel the care."

Nuran H.

"I’ve received debt relief which has relieved a huge burden. The support I’ve received is truly getting me through a dark period of my life."

Haneefah E.

"I am more confident and have more understanding about marriage, I'm also looking forward to marriage more, and it has helped my relationship with Allah."

Amirah C.

"I wish I had known about Solace sooner as there is a lot of help and events that connect sisters which I really liked."


"Due to very difficult circumstances I fell into debt and felt I couldn't cope. Solace cleared all the main debts for me. It's made a huge impact."


"It’s a beautiful service to be available for revert sisters in need of reassurance and in need of someone to turn to with knowledge. "


"The Ask a Sheikh service provided me with invaluable and reassuring guidance. The response was not only helpful and clear but also timely, allowing me to make a decision with a peaceful mind. I appreciate the support and expertise that made a significant difference in my decision-making process."

Abby L.

"The 1:1 support service helped me develop my self-esteem and gain a lot of clarity on how I see myself as a Muslim woman."


"I feel that the one-to-one support has really helped me through the positive reminders and goal oriented support."

Stephanie M.

"The support helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I needed it the most."


Your sponsorship can provide:

Family Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of the emotional, practical, financial, and Islamic needs of both the revert mother and her children.

Support Worker

A dedicated support worker is assigned to her, crafting a personalized monthly action plan.


Action Plan

Solace collaborates with her and the children monthly, progressing through their action plan to address their emotional, practical, financial, and Islamic requirements.

Fun & Respite

Throughout the sponsored year, revert mothers and their support workers will coordinate personalized activities for the children and moments of respite for the mothers, ensuring a balance of enjoyment and relief at various intervals.

Being a sponsor goes beyond mere support—it’s becoming a lifeline for a family in need. Your sponsorship becomes their beacon of hope, their pillar of strength during difficult times. Just £1 per day can offer invaluable support for a family facing challenges. Despite being a small amount, it can make a substantial impact in their lives.

By becoming a sponsor, you will receive:


Reports twice a year

You’ll receive biannual reports demonstrating the direct impact of your donations on families in need. These reports feature heartfelt messages from beneficiaries, illustrating the profound impact of your contributions—a powerful testament to the positive change you’ve ignited.

Your commitment of £1 per day signifies impactful support for families in need. This translates into life-altering assistance, empowering them to rebuild stability, resilience, and strengthen their faith. Your generous contribution extends far beyond the initial help, offering sustained support to uplift and empower these families.

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