Sugar-Free January Challenge

Open to brothers and sisters worldwide.

Kickstart 2022 with a sugar-free challenge for good health and a good cause.

Step 1:

Click the button below to join this challenge for £3! You will receive an email confirming your registration and a link to set up your page.

Step 2:

Set up your page and start looking for sponsors to support you to raise £100 in going sugar-free! You only need 10 people to sponsor £10 each!

Step 3:

Do your 14 day no sugar challenge from the 10th to 23rd of January with the community for good health & cause!

Ready for the challenge?

You’re on your way to better health 💪

The goal is to cut out all sources of added sugar for 14 days.
Instead, you will focus on consuming nutrient-dense, whole foods that don’t contain added sugars.

Examples of food with added sugar:

Sugary breakfast cereals
Ice cream and candy
Cookies and cakes
Soda and sweetened drinks
…and more

Natural sugars found in foods like vegetables, fruits, and dairy products, are OK to eat.

Are you in?

14 days of no sugar, in aid of supporting revert sisters who are in difficulty

£3 reg. fee

Registrations closed









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