• “Alhamdulilah for Solace, it is a much needed service for revert sisters.  May Allah (swt) reward all the Solace sisters’ efforts for providing such genuine support in the Ummah.  I reverted to Islam many, many years ago.  I approached Solace as I felt I was 95% ready to walk away from Islam, my deen was getting weaker by the day.  I ‘looked’ the part but my heart was getting emptier by the day too.  The remaining 5% feeling of ‘just’ checking where I was with my deen must have been significant as with the help and support I received from Solace, I have come full circle and my emaan is the stronger than it has ever been, operating at 100% without doubt.  I would not be spiritually, mentally and emotionally in the place I am in now without the love and support I received from Solace.  I was listened to without judgment or disapproval and I took the guidance I was offered.  I needed help to get back on track with my deen and the sisters at Solace gave me all the help and support I needed.  Becoming steadfast in my deen has given me the foundation and clarity to deal with other important issues I was and still am facing.  I am still in awe of how I became so steadfast in my deen in such a short space of time working with Solace.  I will be forever grateful for the help I received and for not being judged when I told them my thoughts and feelings.  For me, Solace has been like an essential part of a Muslimah’s first aid kit, they patched me up and turbo charged me.  My emaan is in a place that I thought would never achievable for me.  But masha Allah, a miracle was waiting for me just round the corner and Solace helped me uncover it.”