What’s On

What’s On

The What’s On project is a service by Solace UK for revert women which aims to make activities, events and services near them more accessible.These activities include:




Classes (Islamic, Fitness)


Circles and other gatherings e.g. Coffee mornings


Revert support services


Quran teachers

If you are a revert woman and want to use this service to find out what’s on in your area, click your location below. This list will be updated as more places become available.

Disclaimer: All events and services are added for the benefit of service users. Solace UK is not legally responsible for the content nor nature of the event. It is the responsibility of the service user to ask questions and contact the organiser before booking or attending.

Add To The List

Want to add your location to the list? If you would like your location to be added to the list, click the ‘Request a Location’ button below to fill in the form. You can also indicate on the form if you would like to become a volunteer for a location.

Want to recommend an event or service? If you think revert women will benefit from an event or activity, you can submit the information for review using the ‘Recommend an Event or Service’ button below. Solace UK reserves the right to review and modify all submissions and publish or deny a recommendation at its discretion.

Want to get notified on WhatsApp? If you would like to get notified on WhatsApp when a new event or service is available in your location, click the ‘Subscribe to Get Notified ‘ button below to fill in the form. 

Have a question about the event or service? Please contact the organiser directly.

Frequently asked questions

Can events or services by other organisations be added to the list?

Yes, this service aims to make all revert support more accessible to revert women. If you would like to submit a recommendation, use the ‘Recommend an Event or Service’ button above.

Last updated 30th June 2024

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